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which one is better and more polite?


qq_babySuper Member!


Hi teacher,

which one is better and more polite?

Please pay attached the debit note

Please settle attached the debit note

Please  find attached the debit note for your payment / settlement

10:16 PM Dec 23 2008 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! Thanks for your question. The third option is more polite, because you aren't asking directly for payment of the bill.

The third is also most correct grammatically, because in the first two sentences the adjective, "attached," should go directly in front of the noun it's describing, "debit note." In other words, the first sentence should read, "Please pay the attached debit note."

However, as I've explained, the third option is most polite. Thank you!!  

05:49 AM Dec 25 2008 |