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modal verb would




Dear Teacher,

I am having problems with this modal verb "would".

In contexts like conditionals, future in the past, past habits, requests and in reported speech, I am quite familiar.

Please give me the other situations where "would" could or must be used.


Yours faithfully


10:11 AM Jan 22 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi, Subra! 

Modal verbs like would, could, and must always come before a main verb and help convey ideas like willingness, possibility, and obligation.

"Would" is sometimes used as the past tense of the modal verb "will," which suggests willingness or intention to do something, as in, "He said he would help me clean the bathroom." 

"Could" expresses possibility ("It looks like it could rain today") or past ability ("My mother could play the piano very well when she was a child"). 

"Must" expresses necessity or obligation, as in, "You must clean your room tonight," or "I must go now."


Thanks for your question,


11:46 PM Jan 22 2009 |