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United States

Hi Amy

I want to know why we use I've + got not I've gotten.


02:20 AM Dec 03 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! Great question. Actually, "gotten" is the past participle of "get." So it is correct to say, "I have gotten good marks on my exams so far this year" or "Have you gotten my letter yet?" (In British English, "got" is sometimes used instead of "gotten" in this type of situation.)

On the other hand, we often use "have + got" to mean "have" or "must" as in, "I've got a date tonight" or "I've got to study this weekend."

I hope that helps!



07:05 PM Dec 04 2009 |



United States

Thanks a lot.

10:29 PM Dec 04 2009 |