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np36Super Member!



     May I ask the difference between "people" and "persons"? For example, there are two (people or persons) in the room.

     Please see these 2 sentences, which one is correct?

       1. I would like him to exercise more in order to not gain weight or

       2. I would like him to exercise more in order not to gain weight.

       Which verb is the most appropriate to use with "belt"? For example, can I use "Please wear the belt."

        Thank you very much and please have a nice day.

06:56 AM Jul 22 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! In typical usage, we say "people" as the plural for "person," even though "persons" is correct when there is a specific, countable number of individuals ("there are two persons in the room"). Since most of us just use "people" in all situations, it sounds a little formal or odd to say "persons."

As for your second question, the first sentence is best. And finally, "wear" is the correct verb to use with "belt."



02:53 PM Jul 22 2010 |