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np36Super Member!



      May I ask about clothing?

          1. What is the difference between a suit and a tuccido?

          2. What do you call the clothing men wear which has 2 stripes pulling the pants, and the stripes are up to the shoulder? Sometimes a baby wear it, the pants and the upper part are on the same piece. I wish you understand my descriptionSmile Thank you very much.

12:43 AM Aug 24 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! Great questions. A suit is a jacket and pants usually worn with a button-up shirt and tie. A tuxedo is more formal. It is worn with a bow tie and the cut of the jacket is slightly different from a normal suit.

I think, for your second question, you are either thinking of overalls (usually made of jean material, like what a farmer wears) or suspenders (what a man sometimes wears to hold up his pants). Does either of these sound like the thing you're trying to describe?


11:47 PM Aug 24 2010 |

np36Super Member!


Thank you very much. So they are what I meant. When you told me "overalls" and "suspenders", I just googled and type these 2 keywords, and they are exactly what I would like to know. Thank you again.

05:01 AM Aug 26 2010 |