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top dog



Russian Federation

Hi, Amy. In the lesson on “top dog” in some sentences they used the definite article “the” with “top dog”, but in other sentences they just put zero article in front of it. What is the correct way to use it? Thanks in advance!

11:27 AM Jun 28 2012 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! sually when we put an article in front of “top dog,” we are talking about the most important person at a particular place or in a particular field, for instance, “He is the top dog at his company.” There can only be one top dog at his company, so we use the definite article. However, it would also be OK to say “He is top dog at his company.” When we are talking about being “top dog” in a more general sense, we often drop the article.


09:40 PM Jun 28 2012 |



Russian Federation


09:36 AM Jun 30 2012 |