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Russian Federation

Hello, Amy. I have a real dilemma with the tag of “had better”. Could you help me find the grammatically right tag and explain why that tag is right and others are wrong?

The sentence is: “You had better not go there, __”. So which ending should be correct here?

  1. and so does John

  2. and neither does John

  3. and neither should John

  4. and so did John

  5. and neither did John

So, which tag is the correct one for “had better”? Could you please explain?

2) second question: what is “had better” considered in grammar? Is it a modal? Is it complex object?

Thanks a lot for your answers!

11:33 AM Jul 04 2012 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


The correct sentence in your first question is, “You had better not go there, and neither should John.” “Had better” is a modal and it is used, like should, to make recommendations.


05:42 PM Jul 06 2012 |