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Caved and boob



Russian Federation

Hello, Amy. The other day I watched one episode of Josh & Drake & in the episode “The bet” said when they both lost the bet: ” you both caved it” (meaning that they both failed to abide by the conditions of the bet”. Is this the right spelling and usage to describe this? I didn’t find this meaning of “to cave” in the dictionary? Is it old-fashioned or is it common?

Also, they use the word “bood” to mean “dork” a lot. Is it common?

12:35 PM Aug 28 2012 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! I have to say, I have never heard the expression “caved” used in this context. Usually “to cave” means to give in, as in, “At first I told my sister she couldn’t borrow my car, but I finally caved and let her take it.”

“Boob” is sometimes used to mean dork or dummy. It’s not especially common and sounds a bit silly or old-fashioned, but its meaning is definitely well-known.


08:38 PM Aug 29 2012 |



Russian Federation


05:42 AM Aug 30 2012 |