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South Korea

Hello!. I’m a little embarassed that I don’t understand the exact meaning of a sentence even though I have no word that I don’t understand. That’s provided in Today’s lesson, “Contentment”. In Read and Prepare section, I found “But other people are unsatisfied unless they’re searching for the next best thing.” Here what I don’t understand is the usage of unless. I think “so” is more suitable instead of the “unless”. Let me know the exact usage of unless, please.

10:34 PM Dec 01 2014 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Our apologies for the delay in response! It was an oversight that we regret.

In this situation, “unless” is being used to say what will happen, be done, or be true if something else does not happen, is not done, or is not true. The sentence describes people who are always unsatisfied if something else (searching for the next best thing) does not happen. If they are always searching for the next best thing, then they are always satisfied.

Using “so” instead of “unless” definitely works as well. 

I hope this helps! Please write again if you need more clarification.



02:44 AM Dec 16 2014 |