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Misunderstanding on 2 Words


United Arab Emirates

Dear Teachers

I’ve some misundestanding on how to use this 2 words

Pile & Stack

What are the diffirent between them & When am I suposed to use them .

02:15 PM Jan 19 2015 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Good question! “Pile” and “stack” are very similar words. They can both be used as a noun, and they can both be used as a verb. You probably saw that Ebaby! defines pile as “number of things lying on top of each other,” and stack as “group of things that are put one on top of the other.”

Again, pile and stack are very similar. My opinion is that pile is used for things that are messy, and stack is used for things that are tidy. For example, you would say a pile of clothes on the floor, but a stack of books on a desk. It would not be incorrect to say pile of books or stack of clothes, but it’s not as common.

Also, piles are often used when talking about items on the ground or floor, and stacks are often used for things on shelves or counters. These aren’t firm rules, but a description of what’s more commonly used.

I hope this helps!



09:25 PM Jan 19 2015 |