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Moises de SouzaSuper Member!


what is the meaning of  ”harsh glare than a glow” in the sentence below ?

- But the most inaccuracy was Van Durbin’s claim that she was enjoying her celebrity, which she considered more a “harsh glare than a glow.”

Thank you!

04:57 PM Jun 02 2015 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi Moises,

When talking about a light (like the sun or a lamp), you can describe the quality of the light in many ways. A harsh glare would be the kind of light that makes you quickly close your eyes, turn your face, or put on your sunglasses because it is so strong. It’s not the kind of light you would enjoy sitting in. A glow, on the other hand, has the quality of soft, low, and warm light. When a fire in one’s fireplace is going out, the wood or coals that were burning have an orange glow.

The person talking in your sentence is saying that being famous was harder and less pleasant than she thought it would be.

I hope this helps!



03:42 AM Jun 04 2015 |