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the word "qualify"

attonieSuper Member!

United States

how to distinguish “be qualified” and “qualify” ?

e.g.: 1. sth is qualified as sth.

       2. sth qualifies for sth.

12:03 AM Mar 04 2018 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


Great question! 

The basic answer is simply that one of these is in active voice (qualify) and the other is in passive voice (be qualified). 

However, there are also transitive (requiring an object noun) and intransitive (no object noun required) versions of the verb “qualify.”

For example, you might see the transitive verb used this way: 

(meaning: to adjust an opinion or add a hesitation, often because of a lack of knowledge or information):

- She qualified her statement because she wasn’t actually there. (active)

- The answer was qualified because no one knew who did it. (passive)

And you might see the intransitive verb used this way:

(meaning: be officially recognized or earn a benefit by doing something)

- Our soccer team qualified for the finals. (active)

- His degree has qualified him for a good job. (passive)

I hope this helps! 



01:02 AM Mar 07 2018 |