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Using MP3/podcasts for classes or homework


United States


Would any other teachers like to share any experience they have with using MP3/podcasts for classes or homework?

10:56 PM Jul 08 2009 |

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United States

I am thinking to find clear, understandable songs to teach a intermediate class. Let me know if you have suggestions for songs.

05:02 PM Jul 09 2009 |



I am not a teacher, sorry.

04:36 PM Jul 10 2009 |




i have idea, for good learning english, it is necessary to sing in english, for exemple to find music are good word, 

03:43 PM Jul 12 2009 |

princess of the night


Well,I think that learners should be given a song according to thesyllabus.Then ,activities(such as filling the gaps,sentence completion..)will be given to develop learners listening capacities.Other questions on "comprehension" will be also asked.

09:56 PM Jul 16 2009 |


El Salvador


Billy joel's or Celine Dion's :)))

03:32 PM Jul 18 2009 |


El Salvador


You might want them to assess listening or speaking????  I would like to know the skills you would like to improve and ages of students, so I can tell you many ways to use technology in the classroom.



03:34 PM Jul 18 2009 |


United States

In general, I want to make the class more fun, so the students are more engaged in learning English.

The students are at the intermidiate level, and I would like to help them to build vocabulary and improve their listening skills.

09:14 PM Jul 20 2009 |



Hi…...... any one guides me to get free MP3 English lesson through web-side or if you have, kindly forward to my mail id . It will make me perfect.    

Advance thanks for your valuable help.

08:19 PM Oct 06 2009 |