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Making class interesting




As you know teaching foreign language is quite challenging task.🤔 Students are bored, inattentive, or unmotivated.
Many times, it is the teacher’s fault that class is boring.☝️
The question is:how to make lesson enjoying so that students could get fascinated by it?

01:46 PM May 24 2018 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

For adult learners, you may try some activites of their interest or related to their daily or professional life . I think the idea of learn it by doing works well in most of situations. Remember, for doing any activity, you need to evaluate the class atompsphere in advance i.e. to see whether that kind of activity works or not. always keeps an alternative if it doesn’t. You know some activities do work for a nubmer of classes while they ARE boring in some other ones.

I’ve got  too many ideas to write. Hope these help you and work well.

10:08 AM Jun 02 2018 |


Saudi Arabia

For kids learners, you can use videos , animations and video games to grabe their attention,and you also can use some fun activities for them such as realia. in my opineon teaching a forigne language for kids is much easier than  adults because you can get their attention easly and faster.

11:04 AM Oct 07 2019 |