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I’m preparing for taking IELTS exam, but I have some difficulties with reading, especially with True/False/Not Given activity. Sometimes I hesitate whether to choose False or Not Given. Could you please share some tips or practical materials for me?I hope you are the solution for me.

02:14 PM Jun 20 2018 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >



True, False, Not Given’ questions requires you to identify if information in a text is true or not.

You will be given a number of factual statements and you have to check the text to see if they are true or not.

This is probably the most difficult question on the reading paper.

This post will:

  • look at example questions

  • discuss common problems

  • define ‘True’, ‘False’ and ‘Not Given’

  • give you tips and advice

  • provide you with a strategy to use on exam day

09:57 AM Jun 21 2018 |


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Can I take IELTS online or not?

08:42 AM Aug 08 2019 |