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Sexy Back

Sexy Back

Date: Apr 16 2007


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

We watched Justin Timberlake dance and sing when he was teenager. We witnessed his break up with Britney Spears, and gasped at his racy Super Bowl performance with Janet Jackson. Then we watched him snuggle up and settle down with Cameron Diaz.

His new album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, is all part of that evolution from boy to man. You may not even recognize that it’s Justin Timberlake, but it is.

Listen to Erin and Amanda gossip about Justin.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Erin:  So, Get That Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake. Can you tell that it’s him?

Amanda:  No, you can’t. You can’t. It’s still pretty hot, though.

Erin:  Really?

Amanda:  And I just downloaded that and put it on my phone.

Erin:  I wasn’t a huge fan of him when he was in NSYNC, because it was a boy band, and he had the curly hair ’fro, but, and he would wear the bandana. But he’s definitely a white boy, he cannot pull off a bandana.

Amanda:  But do you agree that he can dance? If not sing, that he can dance.

Erin:  Ok, yeah. He can dance. And I do respect the fact that he has a lot of respect for, like, Michael Jackson, and Usher and those other people that, like…

Amanda:  Right. His inspiration.

Erin:  Yeah. Um, I’m glad he’s over Britney Spears. That’s probably the best thing he ever did.

Amanda:  He’s definitely moved up in the world, huh?

Erin:  Yes, with Miss Diaz.

Amanda:  They’ve been together for what, three, almost four years?

Erin:  Yeah.

Amanda:  And she’s always gone in public to say that she doesn’t believe in marriage, it’s not for her.

Erin:  Oh, really?

Amanda:  But, they were spotted in Honolulu, scoping out ballrooms,

Erin:  Oh?

Amanda:  Wedding venues?

Erin:  I thought I heard a rumor that there was a ring on her finger with a O sparkling diamond on it, which, I mean, you know, makes everybody think engagement ring?

Amanda:  So maybe a 10-karat…

Erin:  Oh, yeah, at least.

Amanda:  ...I’m thinking, from JT?

Erin:  Talk about a power couple.

Amanda:  Yeah.

Erin:  Her film success and his music?

Amanda:  They seem like they’re probably, like, really funny, and down to earth, and…

Erin:  They do seem down to earth. And real.



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Justin Timberlake has grown up. His new album has a new sound.

Amanda likes the new song “Sexy Back.” She downloaded it onto her phone.

Erin hasn’t been much of a fan, but she appreciates how Justin looks to greats like Michael Jackson for inspiration. And she’s glad he said goodbye to Britney.

Amanda and Erin discuss rumors that Justin and Cameron were planning to get married.

Are you a fan of Justin Timberlake? What do you think of his new sound?



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this track is niCE!!!! Some girls dance very well! sexYYY bacK:::

11:33 PM Jun 22 2012 |




is he breaking up with jessica bell again??

02:33 AM Nov 23 2009 |




They down to earth!?Celebrities are celebrities, maybe they got only an image of being close to the people, but i dont agree celebrity really can be down to earth. But there're some expectations, but not them.

01:42 PM Nov 20 2009 |




" i am bring in sexy back , the motherf**ker don't know how to act "

oh , that is what i want to shout to my enemies !!!lol ..

03:28 PM Aug 20 2008 |


johnSuper Member!

United States


04:13 AM Sep 17 2007 |


United States

This is a re-run.

03:14 PM Apr 22 2007 |




i don’t like him and his voice…

10:13 PM Apr 20 2007 |




Welcome back…,and get reliefe from her.

08:03 AM Apr 17 2007 |




Listen slow

05:49 AM Apr 17 2007 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

if u just make the speaking of the listen slow to can i folwoing them please

08:20 PM Mar 26 2007 |

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