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Maybe Another Time...

Maybe Another Time...

Date: Jun 01 2007

Themes: How To, Romance


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Have you ever had a dating slump where you just can’t seem to connect with anyone you meet? Flirting can be a really hard thing to do well. It’s also hard to say what makes someone good at flirting and someone else bad at it. But Kevin has a theory about that. Listen to him help Mason try to figure out why he can’t get anyone to go out with him.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  What’s going on?

Mason:  You know it’s spring, so if I’ve been kinda…had my eye out for something going on. But I think my game’s a little bit off.

Kevin:  What’s wrong?

Mason:  Well first of all, nothing I’m doing seems to work so I need to go back to, like, Flirting 101. I don’t know.

Kevin:  I think flirting is a real art and I think a lot of people just don’t have it at all or don’t make much of an effort.

Mason:  I’ll probably fall in the latter category.

Kevin:  Why’s that?

Mason:  Well a lot of it is you’ve got to be really out going, you gotta have a certain bravado, when I’ve been to like Spain and what not, they’re like raised to do that.

Kevin:  They’re taught how to flirt, exactly, exactly.

Mason:  And you know, here there’s this certain self-deprecating-ness, shame, self-consciousness, whatever that…not necessarily what you need to do when you’re trying to flirt, so maybe that’s my problem.

Kevin:  And I think culturally, flirting can be difficult because some people might take it…they might take offense to it.

Mason:  Well I’ve certainly thought that flirting is basically being totally inappropriate, but someone thinks you’re cute so they let you get away with it.

Kevin:  Exactly.



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Since it’s spring time, Mason has been trying to meet someone to date. But he hasn’t had any luck. He thinks he must be doing something wrong, so he jokes that he should take a class on flirting.

Kevin says he thinks that most people who have a hard time flirting either just don’t know how or don’t try hard enough. Mason says he thinks he might be trying hard enough. He compares himself to more aggressive men that he’s met in Spain and elsewhere on his travels.

Flirting can also be hard, Kevin points out, because you don’t know what someone else will think is inappropriate. Mason says the most true thing you’ve heard about flirting: It’s always inappropriate, but if the person you’re flirting with thinks you’re cute, you get away with it. Maybe Mason knows more about flirting than he lets on.

Are you a good flirt? When’s the last time you met someone you liked? Were you able to get a date with him or her?



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Ali Asghar joyo


I am very simple person and dont like to filert the other.I follow this law that a person should live in love and make the world like sweet home full of peace and lovely life.

08:41 PM Jun 02 2007 |


Viet Nam

Many people may not know how to flirt but sometimes they could get what they want.

04:27 PM Jun 02 2007 |




Oh,I think it's depend on the person who you flirt with….

09:42 AM Jun 02 2007 |





06:44 AM Jun 02 2007 |

irina Ferum

Russian Federation

flirting it.s a kind of game. i thing its funny! But i prefer natural  behaviour.

06:37 AM Jun 02 2007 |



01:36 AM Jun 02 2007 |



i'm trying but it's hard

01:05 AM Jun 02 2007 |




Neither am I! Lol

12:59 AM Jun 02 2007 |



I'm not so good at flirting, so I understand him…Tongue out

10:19 PM Jun 01 2007 |




as to me, I didn't have any problems at flirting, but recently i met one guy and it is even difficult to talk to him. may be it depends on a person with whom you want to flirt? Wink

02:37 PM Jun 01 2007 |




I'm not good at flirting either. I guess I'm too shy! Cry

01:31 PM Jun 01 2007 |




i’m not good at flirting either! I guess I’m too shy. :(

01:30 PM Jun 01 2007 |



Russian Federation

Yeah, may be it’s really hard, but not for me ))

01:17 PM Jun 01 2007 |



Russian Federation

hiya.i’m somehow expert at that stuff.can give free lessons lol

08:02 AM Jun 01 2007 |




well, I'd say I'm not bad at flirting though it's hard for me to play hard to get, lol. The quiz number 2 seems to have a wrong answer key btw.

07:25 AM Jun 01 2007 |



i'm not good at flirting too


06:24 AM Jun 01 2007 |

Josh K

Josh K


well make

01:03 AM Jun 01 2007 |

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