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Make a Good Impression
Make a Good Impression English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Sep 24 2013

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Imperative Form


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What do you do when you want to impress someone? It probably depends on who the person is. If it’s someone you want to date, maybe you want to make them think that you’re talented, or brave, or smart. If it’s a boss, you probably want to show them that you’re really good at your job. Maybe you even take on extra projects or work overtime in order to make a good impression.

One of the meanings of “impress” is to leave a mark or a print on something. When you’re trying to make a good impression, you’re trying to leave a mark, or memory, of you on the person. You want them to be thinking about you after you two are no longer together. And you want them to be thinking lots of positive thoughts.

Lily wants to make a good impression on her boss, Amanda, but it seems as if it might not be going very well. Find out what happens in this English lesson.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Amanda:  OK, guys. Let’s get this weekly meeting started. First order of business. Jeff, how are those reports coming?

Jeff:  Oh, right. The reports.

Lily:  I’ve got it taken care of. They’ll be on your desk by noon.

Jeff:  They will?

Amanda:  You did his reports? OK, great. Greta, that leaves you. How about getting things set up for that appearance at the restaurant opening next week?

Greta:  I was going to, but you said you had to call and talk to them first. Make a good impression with the company’s credentials and everything.

Amanda:  That’s right.

Lily:  It’s OK. I did it.

Amanda:  You called.

Lily:  Yeah, I just told them that I was you. I’ve been practicing. “Hi, this is Amanda with AmericanDreamD8.com…”

Greta:  She does an impression of Amanda? That’s weird.

Amanda:  Yes, it is. OK, moving on. Mason, did you take a look at the doorknob? It was kind of loose and squeaky.

Mason:  Yeah, I just, uh, I just have to…

Lily:  I took care of that, too.

Amanda:  You fixed the door.

Lily:  Yeah, I just borrowed your credit card and went down to the hardware store, and got the tools that I needed and fixed it. I’m really handy!

Mason:  You took her credit card?

Greta:  That’s insane.

Jeff:  And she’s wearing the exact same clothes, too.

Amanda:  OK, Lily, that is totally inappropriate. What’s going on?

Lily:  I just wanted to make a good impression. I really respect you as a boss and as a businesswoman, and I really hope to be like you one day.

Greta:  Be like her? More like be her.

Amanda:  OK, Lily. Look, I am flattered. Kind of. But everything you’ve done here is completely over the top and out of hand. All right? You can’t go sneaking around doing people’s jobs, imitating me, taking my credit card. It is not the way to impress your boss.

Lily:  I didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t understand. Stop yelling at me!


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Everyone at the office meets for their weekly business meeting, but something is a little strange. Every time Amanda asks if someone has completed a particular task, Lily says that she’s done it. At first, Amanda thinks Lily’s just being helpful. But when she finds out that Lily has been doing an impression of her, or imitating her, and using her credit card, she realizes it’s gone too far.

Suddenly, everyone starts talking about how weird Lily’s acting. Jeff points out that Lily is wearing the same clothes as Amanda. And Greta thinks it’s very strange that Lily suddenly seems to want to be Amanda. Amanda tells Lily this is not OK. Lily gets very upset and runs out of the room. What is going on?

What do you think is the best way to make a good impression on someone? Why do you think Lily is acting so strange?



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To make a good impression its hard, but I think whith some practice you can do it. For example, doing a good job is a easy way for make a good impression on someone. Also, Its important try not to be very intense with things, let it flow, being spontaneous, 

06:27 PM May 24 2018 |

Ya Nina


I suppose that if you can make a good impression on the different people, it is a very important skill in your life. Especially, if you want that your future life will be successful.
Besides, I’m assured that it is the first impression is the very important for your successful communication with other people. I like and agree with phrase that you never get ability to impress the first impression. So, on my mind, to make a good impression on the people isn’t a very difficult task. You have to look and be friendly, positive, optimistic, tidy, interesting and pleasant person. In such case, people will try to communicate with you after you first meeting.
Certainly, I understand that if you need be such person, you have to apply not few efforts: read a lot of interesting books, watch useful programs, care about your appearance, soul and thoughts, but your efforts will be reward. When you turn into interesting, clever person, your life will become more interesting, bright and rich.


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

try to destingoish yourself and learn new things about your job and push your ideas .

01:18 PM Sep 27 2013 |




I learn new english and this is good for me..) thanks everone

08:17 AM Sep 27 2013 |




it is an useful lesson,in my opinion,first of all listen carefuly and pay attention to someone when they are speaking.second,maybe body language and eye contact are necessary,it can tell someone that you are focusing on their topic and interested in it,then people are willing to share something with you.  

if some guys want to discuss with me,pls free feel to contact me,my user name of skype is simba.hu18,looking forward to your feedback.

04:30 AM Sep 26 2013 |


Sri Lanka

Very Usefull Clip. If anyone  share like this we can try to learn more and more. Is there anyone???

thank you-http://www.englishbaby.com

My Skype ID: nazfanlanka

03:06 PM Sep 25 2013 |



If you wanna make a good impression to your boss or someone ,just do you best ,do not take the job from your colleagues which they have not done ,and told to boss on faces  ,said you have took care of all these things ,it makes your colleagues unhappy ,and they will turn you down once they get the chances 

12:44 PM Sep 25 2013 |



What a nice person to have as a colleague, Amanda!! :)
I think I would give Amanda a chance to shown all its potential, especially for cleaning!!
Ok .. Seriously, I think she obviously overstated. She was over the top! And she didn’t pass a good impression to her colleagues and supervisor!

10:35 AM Sep 25 2013 |




oh very nice movie 

thanks  Englishbaby …

09:48 PM Sep 24 2013 |


Russian Federation

The Lily’s behaviour is some strange, but she is a nice subtitute for whole little organization) She takes care of all work in time and so handy. But she would have her credit card in this cases. Using other’s card is not flattered idea for the most of people, because they can stand out of hand, insane and make a good impression over the top, taking on with others your friends.

01:38 PM Sep 24 2013 |




if u want impress someone just  be Competant , respect talk a litle listen more with the smile

10:47 AM Sep 24 2013 |


Hong Kong

I think the best way to make a good impression on someone is to deal with all your things/ works perfectly and sometimes help others if being asked. Lily’s acting is obviously weired and strange. Seriously, she committed a crime when she used Amanda’s credit card. It’s not the smart way to show others that she is handy, but over the top.

09:44 AM Sep 24 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Making a good impression is something that we gotta do it in the good way and not wrong way. The way Lily is doing impression of Amanda in this lesson, it’s kind of someone who wants him to be loved than others. We’ve gotta be careful with it , cos you can even lose your personality flatting in the wrong way. According to me I’m not kind of … uhhh, I’d say … I forgot all about me, I don’t know how to make a good impression, can someone help me start doing it ? Lol !!!

08:29 AM Sep 24 2013 |

2 people like this




Less talk,more work.Always smile kindly.Think carefully before you act.

08:25 AM Sep 24 2013 |





07:24 AM Sep 24 2013 |




She should be herself , that’s better 

07:18 AM Sep 24 2013 |




Do/say what u really want to do/say from the bottom of your heart not just for flattering, i think  u must make a good impression on someone u like or boss .

06:53 AM Sep 24 2013 |

1 person likes this




Good ^^

05:44 AM Sep 24 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

very helpful 

04:49 AM Sep 24 2013 |



United States

good leason !

02:52 AM Sep 24 2013 |

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