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Idioms! - Part 2

Idioms! - Part 2

Date: Jun 11 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: Michellita


Hello folks! Here are some more Idioms that you asked me... I'm gonna write ten, and then I can create another lesson with other ten, ok? I hope it's not confusing, because I really want to help you with this!

 ENJOY! Laughing


1) A BED OF ROSES - an easy life

e.g: "Do you think my life is a bed of roses?", Rachel asked her friends when they jokinly suggested she had an easy life.

2) A DROP IN THE BUCKET - a very small amount compared to what we really needed

e.g: If you count all the rich people in the world they are just a drop in the bucket in comparison to the world's population. 

3) A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES - someone or something that you are pleased to see

e.g: Check out that girl. She sure is a sight for sore eyes.

4) ALIVE AND KICKING - full of energy; active

e.g: Mr. Henderson is alive and kicking even though he's already ninety years old.

5) BE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S SHOES - to experience someone's life

e.g:  I wouldn't like to be in your shoes when Terry finds out you crashed his car!

6) BE THE APPLE OF SOMEONE'S EYE - to be someone's favorite

e.g: Everyone knows that Suzy is the apple of Mr. Clark's eye

7) TO BARK UP THE WRONG TREE - to have a wrong idea; to complain to the wrong person

e.g: "You're barking up the wrong tree", Tony tried to explain to his friends. "I had nothing to do with what happened."

8) BLOW ONE'S TOP - to become very angry; lose one's temper

e.g: When Helen saw the mess her kids had made, she blew her top and hold them to clean it up immediately. 

9) BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL - to stay up late working or studying

e.g: With final exams coming, I think I'll have to burn the midnight oil this week.

10) CATCH SOMEONE RED-HANDED - to catch someone doing something wrong

e.g: Phil didn't expect to be caught red-handed shoplifting in the department store.


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United States

Thank you. It's very helpful.

02:02 AM Jun 16 2007 |




Thank you all for your feedback. That's what makes me feel more and more excited to create other lessons. The third part of the idioms is almost ready… And you can also give me an idea for another lesson, what do you think?

Thanks again! I'm happy to help you! Smile

03:48 AM Jun 15 2007 |



KissThanks !

Even it's my first time to come here , it attracted me !

Thanks again for yr great efforts !

02:59 AM Jun 15 2007 |




I remember I learned some of these idioms in college and I really miss that time.

And Thank u again~dear, u really did a great help!!! And what u gave us are great!

02:31 AM Jun 15 2007 |




thanx alot Michellita.you r doing very well

keep it up.

05:29 PM Jun 13 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

05:42 AM Jun 13 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

These idioms’re useful …thank you very much ..

05:42 AM Jun 13 2007 |




You're welcome! I'm preparing some more…

02:29 AM Jun 13 2007 |




awesome and useful as well

01:59 PM Jun 12 2007 |


Viet Nam

Thx a lot!! Great!!!! :)

07:13 AM Jun 12 2007 |

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