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Earth II

Earth II

Date: Aug 14 2007

Themes: News


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Outer space has long been a scary place for humans because, well, we can’t breathe anywhere but here on Earth. And if you think water is hard to find down here, try finding some on Mars! It’s very difficult to find the right conditions for life to exist, and so far, scientists don’t know of anywhere other than Earth that could sustain us.

But what’s that off in the distance? A couple of months ago, a far-off planet was discovered that has the right temperature for there to be liquid water. It will be a while before humans are able to get there or even to see the planet clearly, but there’s a chance that life could already be there or that you could move there!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  So did you hear about this? Scientists found another planet that has similar qualities to Earth and they think it might be able to support life, human life.

Marni:  I did hear about that, and it’s very fascinating, but, you know, it’s also so odd to think…I feel like we’re at this point where we’re destroying this planet, and oh, okay, now we’re going to have another, so it’s just sort of this excuse to, like, “Oh, let’s just not even worry about it, we’re just going to go destroy new Earth.”

Jason:  Yeah, it’ll probably create this illusion and people will be like, “Who cares! Twenty years from now we’ll probably be able to get there.” Even though they say it’s 20 light years away.

Marni:  That sounds far.

Jason:  It would be incredibly impossible to get there right now. We would have to build something else that would be able to take us there.

Marni:  It is a really interesting phenomenon, and I was listening to a little bit about it and they were kind of making jokes about it…

Jason:  What kind of jokes were they making?

Marni:  Well, they were calling it planet Danny DeVito because you had to be short.

Jason:  You have to be short? Too much gravity?

Marni:  Too much gravity, that’s exactly what it was.

Jason:  Weird. Too many things we don’t know.



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Jason asks Marni if she’s heard about the new Earth-like planet. She says she has, and while it’s an exciting discovery, she fears that people will use the fact that there might be another planet we could live on as an excuse to continue destroying this one.

Jason agrees that people might think all of our problems here could be solved by this new planet. He points out that it’s too far away for us to get to with the technologies we have now. Marni says that she heard on the radio that you would have to be really short to live on the Earth-like planet because the gravity is a lot stronger. The people on the radio joked that the planet should be named after Danny DeVito, a very short actor.

If you could travel to a new Earth, would you want to go?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i don’t want belive some people say the erth will be die in 26 DC:(but i’m sure it’s a very big lie,what do u think?

11:25 AM Dec 15 2012 |

Empty smile


?My beautiful  Earth :D

10:19 AM Dec 15 2012 |




To satisfy my curiosity – YES, I would want to go. Smile

12:00 PM Feb 24 2012 |



It is fascinating to hear about new planet for human, but how we can move all the people to another place it is just impossible. And I think if it will  be it will be for special people who has a lot of money. Maybe group of reach people has already been preparing such kind of plan like on the popular film :). You must have the ticket man… 

04:00 AM Feb 24 2012 |

smart baby

smart baby

United Arab Emirates

I think that it's an amazing idea!!

The Earth is my planet and I'll never move to another planet..


06:54 AM Sep 13 2007 |



  • similar qualities to Earth – PODOBNE CECHY DO ZIEMI
  • excuse – WYMÓWKA
  • it's 20 light years away – TO 20 LAT ŚWIETLNYCH STĄD
  • solv problems by -ROZWIĄZAĆ PROBLEMY PRZEZ
  • very short actor – BARDZO NISKI AKTOR

06:20 AM Sep 13 2007 |





01:54 PM Aug 23 2007 |





01:52 PM Aug 23 2007 |



The speakers are too fast ı think and it is too hard but vocabulary and subject is good

09:28 PM Aug 20 2007 |



i am afraid that it's not a good habitat for us,maybe i have seen too much science fiction which scared me with ugly creature.You know,the earth is realy a unique in the wide cosmos.

09:22 AM Aug 18 2007 |




Hmm, it's a good question ha. It's reported that gravity of the new planet is quite stronger than the earth. Maybe we can't adapt to the lives there. Therefore, if the earth is inhabitable continually, I will choose to live in the earth instead of the new planet.

02:51 PM Aug 16 2007 |



Viet Nam

Oh god! I've just read this lesson 2 days ago and now there r many remarks.  

  •  there r still a lot of mounts, abyss I've never been
  •  many countries have not been discovered yet,
wow! So many things to do with this planet. I till love this  Earth  Smile

04:07 PM Aug 15 2007 |



the star is a mistake, it should be 4.5 stars

03:56 AM Aug 15 2007 |



i'd like to take a travel, it's cool. i cant imagin how other planet would like other than earth? indeed i never heard that report. but only for travel i think it's ok, but i dont want to live there, a unknown place for whole life. i believe must have many interesting and strange thing whould happen there, maybe for honeymoon if it's possible. lol.

12:30 AM Aug 15 2007 |



i am calling all people to protect our earth.we shouldnt forget that any place cannot be equal to earth.eveybody,please be careful towards our beautiful planet…........

07:30 PM Aug 14 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

for me the travelling itself is an adventuresome action, and even the idea of going to a new planet makes me so much exited.well its cool!but as we still don’t have the technology,i think we have to offer this “new earth” to the next generation!!!it’s not fair!

03:42 PM Aug 14 2007 |



    It is a good idea to live in the outplace,which makes people long for a wonderful experience.But,as we all know, it is just a kind of somenthing impossible right now.So,what the most important is to improve the bad situation.Spare no effort to protect and save the world we are living in.

02:51 PM Aug 14 2007 |




It’s still a mystery that other planets could support human life and have liquid water.

02:35 PM Aug 14 2007 |




Soon Space scientist
will find more earth to live on MAR

02:24 PM Aug 14 2007 |




I would love to go to a "new earth",I've always dreamed to travel to a differ planets, to see how is up there, how diffrent is life and everything, i hope one day it will be possible :)

01:04 PM Aug 14 2007 |

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