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Date: Sep 27 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: sapere_aude


All-nighter do something (for instance a study session) that lasts all night

We pulled an all-nighter to get ready for the exam.
The graduation party was an all-nighter.

All over something very fond of something

He's all over the latest fashions.
Peter's all over antique furniture.

All shook up extremely excited, worried, or disturbed about something

He's all shook up about his mother's illness.
Wow! I'm all shook up about Alice.

All the way (with go) do something completely

He's going all the way for the scholarship.
We went all the way to California on our vacation.

Dash it all!  expression used when very upset

Dash it all! I didn't do very well.
Dash it all! She can't come this weekend.

For all I know based on what I know (usually expressing displeasure)

For all I know, he'll come and win the prize.
They've decided to hire Jack for all I know.

Free for all  crazy, non-restricted activity (generally a fight)

It was a free for all! Everyone went crazy!
They stepped in to break up the free for all.

Have it all together  be very poised, successful

He has it all together. The house, the wife, the kids, the great job - everything!
I was very impressed with the candidate. She seemed to have it all together.

Hold all the aces have all the advantages

Unfortunately, Tom holds all the aces right now. You'll have to do what he says.
I'm holding all the aces so I can do whatever I want.

Know all the angles be very clever about something

Jack knows all the angles. Be careful!
The salesman knew all the angles, and by the end of our talk I had bought a new computer!

Once and for all finally (usually putting an end to something)

I'm going to stop his behavior once and for all!
Let's get this over once and for all.

Pull out all the stops make every possible effort to do something

He pulled out all the stops on the exam.
We're going to pull out all the stops on our presentation.


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