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Hire and fire

Hire and fire

Date: Oct 02 2007

Topic: Business English

Author: rhyme_reason


If you 'hire' someone, you employ them. We hired him on a six month contract. I hear that they are not hiring people at the moment because of budget problems.

If you 'fire' somebody, you dismiss them from their job, usually because of something they did. I had to fire Sally because she kept on making mistakes. If you don't improve, they may decide to fire you.

If you 'make somebody redundant', you dismiss them from their job for economic reasons. They are closing down the factory and making 500 people redundant. I was made redundant from my last job.

If you 'recruit' people, you persuade them to work for you. We need to recruit more young engineers. It's difficult to recruit people because our pay is so low.

If you 'headhunt' someone for a job, you approach them because you think they are well-qualified for the job and offer them the job. We need to look at the people doing similar jobs in other companies and headhunt the best one. He was headhunted at great expense but the job didn't work out and he left.

If you 'hand in (or give in) your notice', you tell your employer that you are going to leave the company. She handed in her notice this morning and is leaving at the end of the month. He gave in his notice and they told him he could leave straight away.

If a company 'gives someone notice', they tell them that they are going to lose their jobs. The company only gave me three days' notice that I was being made redundant. We have to give her two months' notice that we are letting her go.

If an employer 'sacks' someone, they fire them. They sacked me without notice after ten years with the company. I hear they intend to sack him because of his bullying.

If you 'get the sack' or are 'given the sack', you are fired. He was given the sack because he kept arriving late. If I keep making mistakes, I'm going to get the sack.

'Severance pay' is money paid to workers when they are made redundant. The redundant workers were given 26 weeks' severance pay. After ten years, I got three days' notice and no severance pay.

If you take legal action against your employer for 'unfair dismissal', you claim that they dismissed you for no good reason. He is suing them for unfair dismissal as he says he was only ever late once. Dismiss me and I'll take you to court for unfair dismissal. I've done nothing to deserve this.

If you take legal action against your employer for 'constructive dismissal', you claim that you were forced to leave your job because of the actions/behavior of your employer. She is making a claim for constructive dismissal because she claims her immediate boss bullied her.

I'm sure you have the grounds for a complaint of constructive dismissal.


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Saudi Arabia

soo cool _

12:48 PM Jul 30 2010 |



Dear all,who can do me a favor and kindly give some suggestion?I graduate from university this year and have work in this company for nearly half a year,last month our company moved to another place,the duty what I have to do before give to another workmate.Since moved to the new company,I have nothing to do and my manager also didn't ask me to do anything.I really don't know what's mean.I was a person like working.Without work,life just so long and boring!My friends,can you give me some suggestions?What I should do and What's my manager think about?He was so busy even have no time to talk with me,but I was so relax.

06:30 AM Sep 11 2008 |




Thanks for the lessen. It's really a good lesson as well as its explanations and examples are easy to understand.

08:46 AM Mar 04 2008 |




Explanations is really good!

06:29 AM Feb 12 2008 |




I'm working in HR department, and I can say all of these case were on my experience.


and they all was consructive.

If we will let us keep stupid  persons, we lose piece of our income, because human factor is very expensive!


06:29 AM Feb 12 2008 |



just respect their work and hunman right

02:38 PM Nov 25 2007 |



thats good

11:01 AM Nov 25 2007 |



I do not really agree to sack our employees before I really show him or her what the best thing to do. To the best of my knowledge if you hire someone you are obliged to provide him or her an opportunity to explore himself or herself so that he or she can optimize their potential to the fullest. Instead of dismissal, willingness to mentor someone is greatly appreciated. It will be better to lead someone to become something than to headhunt. If so, no severance pay is needed.

Don't forget about prosperity. We must have intention to make our employees prosperous. If not, they will hand in their notice. The more your employees do that the more threatened your business will be coz people whom you may work with in the future do not trust you due to too many turnovers.

At last but not least, good luck to you all 

05:23 AM Nov 10 2007 |



If employee gives employer notice, how to express?

11:39 AM Oct 30 2007 |



The employer alwarys do not fire the employee in China , on the contrary , they often got the notice since there are so many work opportunities for people .

12:35 AM Oct 25 2007 |

Sweety Erika


Tongue out

11:54 AM Oct 04 2007 |



good work

04:00 PM Oct 03 2007 |

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