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Form and Function of Adjectives

Form and Function of Adjectives

Date: Oct 09 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: rhyme_reason



Adjectives tell us more about a noun. They can:

Describe feelings or qualities:

He is a lonely man
They are honest people

Give nationality or origin:

Pierre is French
This clock is German
Our house is Victorian

Tell more about a thing's characteristics:

A wooden table.
The knife is sharp.

Tell us about age:

He's a young man
My coat is very old

Tell us about size and measurement:

John is a tall man.
This is a very long film.

Tell us about colour:

Paul wore a red shirt.
The sunset was crimson and gold.

Tell us about material/what something is made of:

It was a wooden table
She wore a cotton dress

Tell us about shape:

A rectangular box
A square envelope

Express a judgement or a value:

A fantastic film
Grammar is boring.

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