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Common Mistakes

Date: Oct 12 2007

Topic: Conversational English

Author: jakets1969


Foreign styleIt's seven twenty o'clock.
American StyleIt's seven twenty.
Foreign styleYour coat is broken.
American StyleYour coat is torn.
Foreign styleSusan didn't make a fault anyway.
American StyleSusan didn't make a mistake anyway.
Foreign styleWould you mind posting this letter for me ? Yes, certainly.
American StyleWould you mind mailing this letter for me ? Of course not. OR ( Not at all )
Foreign styleHe becomes better.
American StyleHe got better.
Foreign styleWe'll have a hearing test tomorrow.
American StyleWe'll have a listening test tomorow.
Foreign styleI recommend you to take a long vacation.
American StyleI recommend that you take a long vacation.
Foreign styleThe last bus leaves at eleven o'clock. It's about eleven now, Hurry up!
American StyleThe last bus leaves at eleven o'clock. It's nearly ( almost ) eleven now, Hurry up!
Foreign styleIt was still bright outside.
American StyleIt was still light outside. 

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