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Holding a meeting

Holding a meeting

Date: Nov 03 2007

Topic: Business English

Author: Snezha23


Jane>We need to discuss the problem problem of quality with new LT60 components. Basically, we have two alternatives. We can either accept a wastage rate of 10% or we can delay the schedule and redsesign the component. Any views on this, Mark?

Mark>Yes, the important thing here is the timing. The customers can't wait any longer, for this product. It's 90% OK. I think we should go ahead with production.

Jane>How do you feel about that, Tom?

Tom>I disagree. Waste costs money. We need zero defects.

Mark>But we haven't got time. Don't you agree, Jane?

Jane>I'm sorry, but I think Tom is right. I don't think we should start production until the design is OK.

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