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Prefix Game

Date: Nov 14 2007

Topic: Grammar

Author: farazrocks


Complete the given stems with the prefix which means the same as the word in brackets. There is an explanation to guide you.
Example: _____detached (half or partial) = attached on one side only (key = semi)


1.   tope (equal, identical) = a form of an atom which has a different atomic weight from other forms of the same atom
but the same atomic number
2.   spect (backwards) = thinking now about something in the past
3.   sex (single) = intended for use by both males and females
4.   psychiatry (nerve) = the branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders of the nervous system
 This exercise is brought to you by ww
5.   plus (over, above) = an amount which is more than is needed
6.   ophilia (blood) = a rare blood disease in which blood continues to flow after a cut or other injury
7.   ology (sound) = the study of sounds in a particular language or in languages generally
8.   nox (equal) = either of the two occasions in the year when day and night are of equal length and the sun is directly above at the equator
9.   military (similar) = describes a group which is organised like an army but is not official and often not legal
10.   cracy (god) = the belief in government by divine guidance, a country that is ruled by religious leaders
11.   charge (over, above) = a charge in addition to the usual amount paid for something
12.   cellular (within) = located or occurring within a cell or cells
13.   biology (nerve) = the branch of biology that deals with the anatomy of the nervous system
14.   bar (equal, identical) = a line drawn on a weather map joining all the places which have the same air pressure
15.   atology (blood) = the scientific study of blood and the body tissues
16.   atologist (skin) = a doctor who studies and treats skin diseases
17.   atitis (skin) = a disease in which the skin is red and painful
18.   -royal = (not real) having the power but not the rank or title of a king
19.   -professional (similar) = a trained worker who is not a member of a profession but who assists a professional
20.   -god (half) = a person who is partially mortal and partially god



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1. isotopes 2. retrospect 3. unisex 4 neuropsychiatry 5.Surplus 6. Haemophilia 7.phonology 8.equinox 9. 10. THeocracy 11.Surcharge 12. intercellular 13. neurology 14.isobar 15.Hymatology 16. Dermatologist 17. 18. 19. 20. Demi god


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sorry i don't understand

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