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Crush on Chris Daughtry

Crush on Chris Daughtry

Date: Dec 03 2007

Themes: Music, Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

If we were to snoop around your room, what would we find? Do you have any celebrity crushes? Is there a picture of Amy Winehouse on your desktop? Is there a shot of Brad Pitt on the inside of a door?

People like to hide pictures of their crushes in private places. TV shows about students often show them putting pictures of people they like on the inside of their locker.

How many lockers around the world do you think have a picture of Chris Daughtry on the inside? Even though he didn’t win American Idol, he’s the second most popular musician to appear on the show. His band, Daughtry, also made one of the most successful albums of last year.

And…he’s cute. Don’t beleive us? Ask Kevin about it. Amanda did.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  So did you have fun last night at the game night at my place?

Amanda:  It was so fun. And I have a little bit of a confession.

Kevin:  What? What?

Amanda:  I was sneaking around your room and in your closet trying on some of your jeans, and…

Kevin:  Oh no…

Amanda:  I saw a Chris Daughtry poster on the inside of your closet. What’s up with that?

Kevin:  Um…well…it’s sort of my secret, like, musical crush.

Amanda:  I think that’s cool because no one really knows about him.

Kevin:  Well, I didn’t know any of my friends knew about him but apparently you do so…It’s okay, though.

Amanda:  I do.

Kevin:  He’s really talented. Like, he’s really, I think, an amazing artist.

Amanda:  He’s very raw and he has the additional talent of playing the guitar which a lot of the winners of American Idol...it’s just vocal. Not that that’s not something to be proud of, but you know.

Kevin:  I just think he’s really talented. Very attractive.

Amanda:  Obviously. Inside of the closet door. That’s pretty good placement, I think, in a room, you know? It’s one notch down from the ceiling.

Kevin:  Well, you know, what can I say? You caught me.

Amanda:  I did.



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When Kevin had some friends over to play games, Amanda sneaked into his room and poked around a little. She found a picture of Chris Daughtry on the inside of his closet door.

Kevin immediately fesses up that he has a crush on Daughtry and thinks he’s really talented. Amanda agrees. Daughtry is one of the only contestants on American Idol who also plays an instrument.

Amanda teases Kevin a little bit about the picture because the inside of the closet door is a pretty personal place to hide a picture.

Who is your favorite American Idol star? Is there a picture of him or her hidden in your room somewhere?



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United States

yeaahh)) i like his group and single music) america really found the talent

05:03 PM Apr 30 2010 |




Yeah, he was very talented artist, I like his music:)

01:24 PM Jan 24 2009 |

ahmed farouk bydoun


that seeeeeem a far fetched thing

02:36 PM Feb 20 2008 |



I heard his single: HOME,it is very good.

03:55 PM Feb 18 2008 |



what should do?

11:08 AM Dec 14 2007 |




oh ,i will prictise more!so useful!

02:38 AM Dec 12 2007 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

happy to know about

06:51 AM Dec 10 2007 |



Dominican Republic

After this lesson, I was searching for some info about Daughtry, and I watched "Over You" video. I liked.

About Kevin's crush, uhmm… A man that have a crush on another man…. Oh no, I don't like it.

Well, everyone has their our live and thoughts… Smile




05:25 AM Dec 09 2007 |



Viet Nam

I love the song "Home" and the fact that Chris is a great family man.

03:35 AM Dec 09 2007 |




isn't Daughtry popular in US? I often hear his song played on AOL radio.

06:13 AM Dec 08 2007 |



I sometimes listen to some Eglish songs .you can have a try maybe.

12:18 PM Dec 07 2007 |



Why they create the englishbaby, what is that mean?

03:15 AM Dec 07 2007 |



Ilove his songs and lyrics, especially HOME

08:31 PM Dec 06 2007 |

samantha tan


I will listen some music of him

08:15 AM Dec 06 2007 |



Music has no boundary!

05:53 AM Dec 06 2007 |

lily zeng

lily zeng


i have never known something about   Chris Daughtry. i always have a locker to keep some secret, which i don't let the other people know, i think everyone should have their personal room, where they can enjoy the things hinded from others.

12:09 AM Dec 06 2007 |

Tiny ♥ Kate

Russian Federation

I don’t listen such music)

01:29 PM Dec 05 2007 |



I could not hear it swimmingly.

07:17 AM Dec 05 2007 |




yes. I don't:)

06:41 AM Dec 05 2007 |



A good dialogue,and from this u can see that Americans are all so openning and friendly,u can sneak into people's room and try on his clothes ,it's so cool,i like it.

03:06 PM Dec 04 2007 |

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