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Date: Jan 30 2008

Themes: Hobbies


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Has a new movie theater been built near you lately? Chances are it’s huge on the outside but tiny on the inside. How can that be?

Most new theaters that being built are multiplexes where they have a few dozen auditoriums in one building. It means there’s a lot more movies to choose from, but a lot of times the screen is smaller. Listen to Jason and Marni talk about multiplexes.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I just saw Beowulf in this theater and it was, like, only slightly bigger than my living room.

Marni:  Oh.

Jason:  You know what I mean? Like multiplexes where there’s like 20 theaters but each screen is like 11 feet by 11 feet and there’s about five rows of people. It’s really weird.

Marni:  That’s definitely not the way to see that movie in particular. I saw it at the Imax so it was like a huge theater. But sometimes I kind of like it if it’s a more intimate movie, just a good drama or something or just a good comedy. You kind of have this intimate feeling and I like sitting up high because I’m short so it’s nice for me to see. I like the way they’re designed. But there are certain movies like a big action movie you need a big, full…

Jason:  That’s interesting that you like them though. I hadn’t really been to a theater of that size before, a multiplex. I’m just used to this big theater, where it’s, like, an experience you could never get anywhere else. But it just sort of felt like, “I could just be watching this on a projector in a classroom or at my friend’s house if they had a big TV,” or something. But I guess the intimacy thing would be good. You wouldn’t feel ripped off if it was a little drama movie or something.

Marni:  Yeah, I guess you don’t in that respect. But with a film like Beowulf, you need the big, full-on sound. So you kind of got ripped off.

Jason:  Oh well.



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Jason saw Beowulf at a multiplex and didn’t think it did the movie justice. The screen was small, and the theater didn’t hold many people.

Marni says she likes multiplexes for movies that are OK to watch on a smaller screen like dramas and comedies. Multiplex theaters usually have a steeper (if shorter) incline, which makes it easier for Marni, who is pretty short, to see.

It hadn’t occurred to Jason that some movies might be suited for a multiplex. He and Marni agree that Beowulf isn’t one of them. Marni saw it on a big, giant screen at a museum and really enjoyed it.

What type of movie theater do you prefer?



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Imax is better than Multiplexes. I watched "I am Legend" last week, at an Imax, and was so good. The sound makes you jump out the chair all the time.

10:06 PM Feb 05 2008 |




t I like to be at home to watch in a small screen but I prefer the big theathers for the movies.Smile


08:26 PM Feb 04 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


11:35 AM Feb 04 2008 |

vicky wang

vicky wang


^,I think it is a little diffcult for me.But I want to improve it.

03:23 AM Feb 04 2008 |




I don't known about this places, but any place get well if you have a good campany! that's so cool to watch movies especially with action!

10:52 AM Feb 02 2008 |




Watching moving in a huge theater is nice. I enjoy it.

02:52 AM Jan 31 2008 |




In this days just we have multiplex but it´s better the imax… tha bad thing is more expensive! isn´t it? 

06:48 PM Jan 30 2008 |



wacthing movies in  theater is so nice, such as those wonderful ones, i like to see it in  theater with the sound full-on

02:45 PM Jan 30 2008 |




watching movie in threat is expensive for me,so i just watch it on TV or computer.

12:17 PM Jan 30 2008 |



I love movie,but I always watch movie at home,on TV or computer,I hardly ever went to threat,of couse.but it makes me want to go.

12:02 PM Jan 30 2008 |



Multiplexes! WOah 11 feet by 11feet Theatre it’s weid. I do not like that. there is IMAX Theatre ETC.

11:32 AM Jan 30 2008 |



i am agree with kaushalyats

10:52 AM Jan 30 2008 |

Black sun

Black sun

Viet Nam

I also like huge theatres more than multiplexes because they have wide screen and wonderful stereo sound system. If you like intimacy, you can stay in your own room and enjoy films. There's no need to go to multiplexes.

09:15 AM Jan 30 2008 |

Green Alice

Russian Federation

Multiplexes I've been too were not as tiny as described above. Each cinema hall contained at least 12 rows, an average size screen, and had a significant incline. Maybe it's just a transitional form of theater (from big cinema to multiplex).

09:13 AM Jan 30 2008 |


Sri Lanka

No way i don't like multiplexes i like the experience of watching a movie in an imax theature.i'm kinda movie fanatic where i collect DVDs of movies and once in a while i use to go for a movie to get that ultimate experience of large screen and sound where i couldn't get at my home theature.

08:07 AM Jan 30 2008 |


Sri Lanka

No way i don’t like multiplexes i like the experience of watching a movie in an imax theature.i’m kinda movie fanatic where i collect DVDs of movies and once in a while i use to go for a movie to get that ultimate experience of large screen and sound where i couldn’t get at my home theature.

08:07 AM Jan 30 2008 |


United States

I prefer Imax over Multiplex to enjoy all sort of movies at it fullest. Has anybody out here seen Die Hard-4???

07:35 AM Jan 30 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

i would like multiplexes theater where have a good effect on watching some dramatic and comedic movie ,so i would not feel ripped off

07:07 AM Jan 30 2008 |



I want to see Beowulf at anywhere.

03:29 AM Jan 30 2008 |




i think it's wierd to go to such a theatre like multiplex, It's really hard to display fully movies like Beowulf,which i watched days eatlier,a wonderful movie! I watched it on my poor 14.1'' wide Screen.Frown. The BIG,FULL-ON sound effect is necessary to such kinda movie. And luckily i got a sennheiser..

Multiplex may be suitable for the sexploiters or things like that, watched only by few people, within their own space.

02:48 AM Jan 30 2008 |

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