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The importance of the context

The importance of the context

Date: Feb 01 2008

Topic: Grammar

Author: TabrisX


 to see the picture, here you have the direct link



It may be quite useful for beginers and advanced english students too to take into account the context in which a a text or conversation takes part.

For example in the picture here the meaning of the joke might be a little dificult to understand if you don't have information about the context. So if you have  just a little more informationyou would understand it inmedioately: the image is titled "How important is to have friends"

 In any other example in which english (or any other language) is used, you just have to take into account a few items which will give you an idea of which is the context; and they are: The participants of the verbal action (the people) the relevant object which take part in the verbal action (what things are involved) and the effect of the verbal action (what does the sender of the verbal action want to produce in the receiver and what does the receiver feel in response).

It's very simple and it will help you a lot...

Please, if you have any doubt, just ask me please, I'd be glad to help you out.


Good BYE 


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Indeed, in fact there are times in which you can only understand something if you pay attention to the context.

11:32 PM Feb 01 2008 |




I totally agree with you. Context is verrrrry important and i’ll give an example. For instance, while sitting for a reading comprehansion test, i came across 2 or 3 words that i do not know and never seen.What to do?? no dictionnaries. the only resort here is the context which really help in understanding what does that particular word mean.

08:57 PM Feb 01 2008 |

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