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choked up

choked up

Date: Feb 14 2008

Themes: Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I choked up a bit. I had difficulty finding words through welling tears”

- Legendary journalist Walter Cronkite remembers reporting the death of President John F. Kennedy. (BBC)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

unable to speak due to sadness, emotion and/or tears

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

There are some things that are hard to do at the same time. For instance, it’s hard to put on your jacket as you’re walking. If someone is really bad at doing more than one thing at once, people joke that he or she can’t walk and chew gum.

One pair of things that everyone has a hard time doing at the same time is talking and crying, or trying not to cry. Have you been trying to say something really sad, but your throat gets tight and you can barely speak? You were choked up.

Walter Cronkite is a famous television newscaster who was on TV for decades. He reported all kinds of stories, but one was particularly hard. When President John F. Kennedy was shot in 1963, Cronkite was so sad that he could hardly deliver the news. Looking back on that day 40 years later, Cronkite remembers that he was chocked up.
The term choked up makes sense when you think about it. Choking someone is when you wrap your hands around their neck and squeeze so that they can’t breathe. When you try to speak and you want to cry, it kind of feels like someone is choking you.

But being choked up isn’t all bad! You can get choked up when you see something touching or you’re really happy. Sometimes people get chocked up at weddings because they’re just so happy for the bride and groom they can hardly speak.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“I could barely break up with her. I kept getting too choked up to finish what I was saying.”

“During his acceptance speech, the coach got a little choked up. He was just so proud of his team.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

can't do anything because of sadness or grief
by mikechang23
yuen88yuen when you feel so sad, you wanna cry and can not say a word as if blocked by something in your throat~!
by yuen88yuen
lalobrown The act to be speakless because of strong emotion. ...the journalist Walter Cronkite was unable to speak by reporting John F. Kennedy´s death.
by lalobrown
Abbydoggie can not make a sound because something is in your throat,or cannot speak with too many emotions,or stuff up...
by Abbydoggie
CoOl_MaN "I choked up" means I got shocked and I became unable to talk like if there is a lump in your throat.
by CoOl_MaN
ponka He means that he couldn't speak because of tragedy.It was difficult for him to find right words in that situation.
by ponka
alogigi a situation in which you barely can talk cuz of something unexpected
by alogigi
dearpesar unable to talk of deep horror or sadness or...
by dearpesar
ljiljana Losing possibility to breathe, therefore also to talk because of state of shock,strong emotions,sadness etc.
by ljiljana
"To be choked up" means "to be upset". Walter Cronkite was so overcome by emotion that he couldn’t even find words to express his view about Kennedy death. Enrique Muñoz Spain
by Enrique Muñoz
by oceangirl05

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Viet Nam

It’s hard to tell what i want to say or think because i face somethings with deep emotion

09:31 AM Feb 16 2008 |




A bit hard to express your feelings!how it’s seem that breath stoped on!

10:43 AM Feb 15 2008 |




so CHOCKED UP actually use with verb BE(in a different forms) and GET. cool. i really don’t want to feel it..

09:40 AM Feb 15 2008 |




I hope I wouldn’t get choked up in bad news.
It would be too awful.

04:43 AM Feb 15 2008 |



Everyone will have the time to be choked up, i believe.

02:43 PM Feb 14 2008 |




does it mean the same as “choky” which was what i found in Avril’s songs?

12:18 PM Feb 14 2008 |



I choked up when the valentine’s day by myself.

12:15 PM Feb 14 2008 |




i was choked up when i’ve got 51% in physics… i cried the whole day. lol n now i laugh so much when i remember it.

11:28 AM Feb 14 2008 |



mmmmmm..i get the meaning..barely i get the meaning of the slang..cause ma language is arabic…heardly to get may wwords and slang meaning..but i get it..thnx

09:54 AM Feb 14 2008 |

I love SD.

I love SD.


I think it is very great!!

09:45 AM Feb 14 2008 |

the sailor

the sailor


In our life, the moment when we get choked up prove our fragility and humain side

08:47 AM Feb 14 2008 |



Viet Nam

I would be choked up if someone give me a box of delicious chocolate!

06:38 AM Feb 14 2008 |



United States

i choked up once I got A from the professor!!!

06:09 AM Feb 14 2008 |




I was really choked up when I understood this words, because in Russia we almost have the same))

04:18 AM Feb 14 2008 |




i hope that i was choked up when i am too happy

02:05 AM Feb 14 2008 |

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