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It's Raining Men

It's Raining Men English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 26 2008

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

There’s a saying in English, “When it rains, it pours.” It means that you’ll have none of something, and then suddenly have too much of it.

Lovers would be one of these things. The difference between zero lovers and one lover can be the difference between happiness and loneliness. But the difference between one lover and two or more is bound to be the difference between happiness and trouble.

Haven’t you ever noticed that as soon as you like someone, suddenly other people are throwing themselves at you? Why is that? It’s tough to say, but it’s certainly what’s happening to Amanda. She likes Mason, but she could easily have Jason, even though she doesn’t like him that much. It’s a tricky situation that can’t persist much longer.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So, how’s it going with the whole, Mason…Jason quandary...

Amanda:  I know. It’s kind of weird. I had this whole streak of no dates whatsoever, no prospects, nothing. And then all of a sudden it’s like raining men. The names totally rhyme…

Marni:  Ha! I love that song.

Amanda:  Oh I know! Love it, hi? Jason, Mason…

Marni:  It’s confusing and it’s caused some…confusion.

Amanda:  It’s really hard because the dilemma is that I’ve been so lonely and I’ve wanted to be in a relationship for so long and all of a sudden there are two options. One, Mason, I have the original crush…

Marni:  Yeah.

Amanda:  ...but he’s not feeling me and I’m not getting anything reciprocated.

Marni:  Yeah, wow.

Amanda:  And then there’s Jason who’s totally sweet and has a big heart.

Marni:  Yeah.

Amanda:  I just don’t really know him very well. I don’t want lose Jason holding out for Mason.

Marni:  Interesting.

Amanda:  What do you think? I mean, you know them kind of.

Marni:  Yeah, well. Jason’s really sweet. He’s kind of like a puppy. He’s very excited and…

Amanda:  ...kind of like a lap dog. I like that. Eager…eager to learn.

Marni:  Eager to please…

Amanda:  Eager to please, totally.

Marni:  But, you know, I know that you’ve had a lot of feelings for Mason, so I was just wondering what’s going on.

Amanda:  My fear is a month down the road and I’ve lost both because I can’t choose.

Marni:  But it’s like you’re playing one against the other right now and that’s kind of…

Amanda:  I know…

Marni:  It seems like toying with people’s emotions. And is that really a good thing.

Amanda:  It’s hard. And to go from nothing to too much of something.

Marni:  Yeah, huh. I don’t know.

Amanda:  Love stinks doesn’t it?

Marni:  It does. It’s hard. I just…Good luck.



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For a long time, Amanda had no dates. But all of a sudden, her life reminds her of the song “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls because she has two guys to choose from…sort of.

She can keep pursuing Mason, who she liked in the first place, or she can settle for Jason, who Amanda and Marni agree is adorable and harmless, like a little puppy.

Amanda’s really wants Mason, but if she can’t have him, she would take Jason. She doesn’t want to miss out on both of them because she can’t make up her mind, but if she doesn’t do something soon, someone is going to get hurt.

What do you think Amanda should do? Have you ever had to make a similar decision?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think she should listen to her heart how evwr that may brings some problems for you but when you are with some one whom you love you enjoy your life more than when you are far from him/her and you are with some one else!

12:36 PM Dec 25 2013 |




Listen to your heart,, not your brain,,

05:08 PM May 19 2013 |


United States

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11:24 AM Mar 22 2013 |



Hong Kong


10:28 AM Mar 22 2013 |




hehe! amanda is so pitiful,she is in a dilemma,what a difficult to make a choice between two man! she has two options,one shi mason who she loves every much and locates him in the first place, the other is jason who gets a big crush on her for a long time and acute, adorable, harmless guy !hehe ,

in the point of my view ,what she can not choose is that  she has to have a alternation before she has a choice!

additonally we young adult have to learn how to manege our emotion , it is danger to overdraft love ,

12:25 AM Apr 25 2010 |

nam nguyen

Viet Nam

is this all acting,right? all these dilemmas are made up for people to learn English from their conversations, right?

02:46 PM Apr 15 2010 |

nam nguyen

Viet Nam

that is mean when a girl use one guy against the other ( in the other clip, Amanda tried to piss off Mason on purpose by saying that she wanted to call Jason to see what he was doing). I think Amanda needs to stay neutral and be friend with both Mason and Jason.In other words, she should just buy more time to see which one genuinely have feelings for her and vice versa.

02:35 PM Apr 15 2010 |




01:56 AM Mar 18 2010 |


Viet Nam

choose the man who love you . do not choose the man you love


01:16 AM Jan 08 2009 |




it’s difficult decision

06:44 PM Dec 26 2008 |




It’s really hard to pick one when both of them have their own advantages.

03:03 AM Nov 10 2008 |




 in Chinese saying : Fish and the bear's paw, are not allowed to gain both

02:52 AM Aug 14 2008 |





07:45 AM Apr 26 2008 |



ask your heart

01:53 PM Apr 17 2008 |



i think amanda should keep relation with mason. otherwise she can lost both of them.

03:31 PM Apr 16 2008 |



Viet Nam

dangerous thing

02:43 PM Apr 04 2008 |



United States

   I am agreed that when you fall for some already there will always have the second option to choose from.

10:31 PM Apr 02 2008 |



i don't know

11:29 AM Apr 01 2008 |


Viet Nam

Listen to your heart and make up your mind! Love stinks, doesn't it? but that is only way you can choose. That is the nature of life and the essence of love. When you are in dilemma or quandary situation, finding the way to solve both problems is impossible, otherwise, when month down the road and you'll lost everything!

12:06 PM Mar 29 2008 |



love is a amazing things ,when u fall in love ,maybe you  will lose yourself!
wishes the love find the beloved

04:03 AM Mar 25 2008 |

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