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Flo Rida

Flo Rida

Date: Apr 21 2008

Themes: Music, Pop Culture


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

In the United States, the South does everything differently. Southerners speak in a special accent. Southern food is very distinct. And, yes, even rappers from the South are often especially proud of where they’re from. But few are more proud of being Southern than Flo Rida.

He named himself after a pun on the name of his home state, Florida. A “flow” is a improvised verse in rap music, and apparently Flo Rida “rides” them. Or maybe he rides the floor. Either way, it’s a pretty clever name.

Southern pronunciation also appears frequently in Flo Rida’s rhymes, like his song “Birthday” where he says “I don’t want no cake on my birrday, I want my cake erryday!” instead of “birthday” and “every day.”

Flo Rida may be from the South, but he’s making a name for himself all over the world. Beren just discovered his music.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beren:  The other night, I was out at the club dancing, and right before I got escorted out, I heard this song. Something “Low”?

Amanda:  “Low,” by Flo Rida?

Beren:  Ah, Flo Rida.

Amanda:  How cool is his name? Really?

Beren:  I thought it was Florida. I thought it was the new emo band from the Midwest.

Amanda:  Yeah, he’s from Florida and the culture of Florida and Miami just really, really hit home so he decided to change it to his stage name. Flo space Rida. Kinda cute?

Beren:  Yeah, it’s kinda cute.

Amanda:  Kinda cool. Kinda catchy. His real name is Tramar Dillard, so which one is a better stage name?

Beren:  T. Dill? He could have gone with T. Dill.

Amanda:  Yeah, he could have gone with T. Dill. I never really thought about it.

Beren:  I probably would have gone with T. Dill.

Amanda:  But he’s pretty cool. He’s only like 28 years old and he’s huge right now.

Beren:  Really? Is that the only song he has out right now? That “Low” song?

Amanda:  “Low”, and then there’s “Elevator” with Timbaland. I mean, he’s very club, radio-play…

Beren:  Rad, that top-40 dance.

Amanda:  ...but it seems to be doing very well.

Beren:  Good for him. Good for Flo Rida.

Amanda:  When people call him out as a rap artist, he’s like, “Oh, I just want to make sure they know I’m a southern rap artist,” so he makes that point of distinction there.

Beren:  Cool.

Amanda:  I’m a fan. I mean, the lyrics? Pretty creative. “She hit the flo’. And she got low.”

Beren:  It rhymes…

Amanda:  How hot is that?

Beren:  It’s a classic line.

Amanda:  “Sweat pants and the Reeboks and the plastic straps. Turned around gave her big booty a slap”? I mean…

Beren:  It’s like Shakespeare.

Amanda:  ...that’s like magic. Yeah.



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Beren was dancing and she heard a song she liked, but she can’t quite remember what it’s called.

Amanda explains that the song is by Flo Rida. Beren had seen the name written and thought it was a band called Florida. She thinks he should have called himself T. Dill.

Amanda tells Beren that Flo Rida is seeing some radio play even though his music is more for clubs. Amanda likes his lyrics too. They’re simple and silly but catchy and clever.

When you make music or art, how does where you’re from influence what you do?



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WooOw his my favorite rapper actually His sound is Full of enerjy and makes me active ..i’v never miss his songs till now …  n like to go to his concert..  OMg..ye..

you know i really really like this song : florida ft will i am & fergie.in ayer___ WOW its full of enerjy u wanna make some noise…

02:58 PM Jul 27 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh yes i know him,his new song is with Jenifer Lopes is :going

05:46 PM Sep 18 2012 |



in mexico sounds are strong electro beat’s. with many influences of Latin dance.

08:15 PM Jul 04 2012 |


Viet Nam

i don't like rap music very much, but I really get a kick out of several songs. I has already heard "Low" and I found it awesome.

12:07 PM Jun 05 2010 |




i love his song "Low"!! wow these are  great lessons! i registered today, and i'm already addicted to Ebaby! thanks :)

06:51 AM Feb 12 2010 |




I don't like rap music!!!!!!!!!!!

12:58 PM Feb 12 2009 |




I love listening "Low" ! :)

02:09 AM Aug 05 2008 |




lilwayne naruto tpain – in my opinion ja rule is better than 50 cent  ;)

02:40 PM May 19 2008 |

lilwayne naruto tpain

United States

lil wayne +florida+t pain is the ultimate remix soulja boy sux

02:09 AM May 13 2008 |

lilwayne naruto tpain

United States

Florida is awsum but Lil Wayne is better. Best rappers ever:

1. Lil Wayne

2. TI

3. 2pac

4.50 cent

07:32 PM May 12 2008 |



I did not know about this FLO RIDA guy but obvious;y he appeals to a very young crowd.

01:33 PM May 05 2008 |




low – i love this song! i am listening it all the time! :)

10:01 AM Apr 26 2008 |



ı always prefer latin musics:)salsa and bachata

12:17 AM Apr 25 2008 |




08:45 PM Apr 24 2008 |



hi a like music florida

add me add

02:14 PM Apr 24 2008 |

melody children


That's fabulous!I,myself is a big fan of anyhing related to rap or rappers!Wow,cuz i'm really obssessed with Kanye West~

05:42 AM Apr 23 2008 |



   I thought this song so interesting. I learned some  intonations and vocabulary.




04:26 PM Apr 22 2008 |




Hip-hop or rap? anyway…they are both pretty cool!!

02:46 PM Apr 22 2008 |




I don't know anything about this song!! I've never heard it before!

02:38 PM Apr 22 2008 |



mmh I like "Low" too!! It's kinda you can't stay calm anymore when you here it… a perfect song for clubbing :) !

07:59 AM Apr 22 2008 |

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