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The Truth About Devan

The Truth About Devan English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 05 2008

Themes: Health, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

If you’re just tuning in, Devan admitted that she smokes pot a few weeks ago. But Mason talked to her and she said she was going to quit. But Marni and Beren have caught her doing strange things and wonder if she is still using drugs. Jason agreed to talk to her about it, but it looks like he won’t have to. As he runs by, she flags him down and as they talk, the truth comes out.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  Jason! Jason! Hey!

Jason:  Hey!

Devan:  Hey!

Jason:  What’s up?

Devan:  Oh, how’s it going?

Jason:  Oh, just training for the Olympics, you know.

Devan:  Oh, nice! This is your training outfit?

Jason:  Yeah, yeah.

Devan:  Nice.

Jason:  How come you’re wearing this hoodie?

Devan:  Oh, it’s kind of cold, you know.

Jason:  It’s like 90 degrees!

Devan:  Well, I’m not that hot.

Jason:  Really? But you even have your hood on. How come you have your hood on?

Devan:  It’s, you know, it’s only 90. It could be 100.

Jason:  I mean, did you get, like, a bad haircut or something or what?

Devan:  Uh, well, you could say that, I guess.

Jason:  Let me see! It can’t be that bad.

Devan:  Um, no, I mean it looks…

Jason:  C’mon!

Devan:  It looks…OK…OK. I don’t have any hair anymore.

Jason:  What? Why?

Devan:  You promise you won’t tell the rest of the gang?

Jason:  Yeah. Is it a fashion statement?

Devan:  Um, no. Actually, I have cancer.

Jason:  You do?

Devan:  Yeah, I just found out and I’m getting chemo so I don’t have any hair anymore. That’s why I’m wearing a hood. But don’t tell the others till I’m ready.

Jason:  OK, I won’t. What kind of cancer do you have?

Devan:  Uh, breast cancer.

Jason:  Wow. Are you gonna be alright?

Devan:  I hope so. I’m starting the treatment and I don’t have insurance so I’m trying to figure out how pay for it right now, but…I mean I was planning on telling you and I’m going to tell everybody else, but if I’ve been acting a little weird lately, that’s part of the problem. But this will just be beween me and you for now, OK?

Jason:  Yeah. So that explains why you were all sick when Marni saw you on the street. You weren’t even donating plasma, were you?

Devan:  No.

Jason:  Do you have insurance?

Devan:  Um, no, I don’t.

Jason:  Wow. So that’s why you’ve been selling cans and all that stuff.

Devan. Yeah, yeah.

Jason:  Oh my gosh.

Devan:  So now you know.

Jason:  Wow.

Devan:  But it’s gonna be OK, right?

Jason:  Yeah, I hope so.



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It turns out that Devan hasn’t been doing drugs again. She was acting strangely because she has breast cancer. Since chemotherapy causes your hair to fall out, she can’t hide her secret anymore. Jason knows something is up when she refuses to remove her hood in summer weather.

Perhaps the only thing worse than cancer is cancer without health insurance. A lot of people in the United States don’t have health insurance and Devan is one of them. She and Jason hug and both say they hope it will be alright, though they both know it might not be.

Have you ever known anyone with cancer? How does the health care system work in your country?



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All of Japanese have health insuarance.

I think there is nealy no people who don't have health insurance in Japan.

So, only we can do is to pay 30% of the treatment.

But there are a few treatment which is out of the insurance like moxa, needles. If we have to get this kind of treatment, we have to pay 100% of the fees.

It costs a lot of money.



02:30 PM Aug 06 2008 |



I'm so sorry about her. And I was really surprised…

I hope she will be all right.Surprised

02:25 PM Aug 06 2008 |




I've never expected that the story will turn out like this..How sad…

The most important thing for cancer patient is their mental strenth. Be calm and always have hope Devan.

Pls Don't imagine of bad consequence. it usually worsens the disease.

For the money issue, JASON, YOU HAVE TO HELP HER! Don't let her face this tragic fate alone. it's kinda unbearable stress for a weak and suffering patient.

I hope at the final, the therapy give a successful outcome.

Bless you.

12:38 PM Aug 06 2008 |




It’s the worst sickness at all time. Millions of woman suffer from it. In Brazil it’s not different, there are many campaing against it. Cancer is increasing more and more at people around the world, is it normal?? I wonder if it is linked to our new modern habits such as kind of foods. I think it’s time to increase research about it.

11:28 AM Aug 06 2008 |




I have known many people that had cancer. All of them were my relatives.

Cancer is the illness of this century i think. Because of the pollution and the bad food we eat every day…

Unfortunately is not so easy to win, but i think there is hope, always.


10:52 AM Aug 06 2008 |


Hong Kong

I hope she can accept this is true and get recovery on treatment. Fighting and fighting !

09:03 AM Aug 06 2008 |

anna zhanghp


oh. Devan meet terrible thing.  god bless  Devan.

by the way we should bette enjoy our life. life is so short for us.


05:33 AM Aug 06 2008 |




yeah,it's kinda bummer when i got the new from her,but i hope everything will be ok with.i still remembered that one of mine aunties died of cancer,once she had her hair chemo like Devan and my aunty has a fake hair on her head. Devan don't be scary everyone will be with you!!!

04:23 PM Aug 05 2008 |




yeah,it's kinda bummer when i got the new from her,but i hope everything will be ok with.i still remembered that one of mine aunties died of cancer,once she had her hair chemo like Devan and my aunty has a fake hair on her head. Devan don't be scary everyone will be with you!!!

04:22 PM Aug 05 2008 |



(...) My grandfather died with throat cancer…

Devan, put ur faith in God.

Take care

04:15 PM Aug 05 2008 |




So sorry….a little twist in story,i was not thinking on this way…

11:18 AM Aug 05 2008 |



Wow, the story becomes a tragically note. In Germany we have a compulsory health insurance for the most people. But our system is very expensive. Between 200 and 300 Euro per month is normally. And I am not unhappy that I need a doctor only for a check up. So the money is going away and I dont get medical help back actually. But when You become older than You will needing medicine and dates with doctors – I think. So the system here is expensive but not the worst one.


10:27 AM Aug 05 2008 |

kelly bryan


I am really sorry for the case of devan. But there is the hope that both life. And then life does not stop there, I can only wish you a speedy recovery and through you entrust all those worldwide who is in the same condition as you. Only the God of Healing will bring justice and will give you the grace of healing …...........................

May God bless you

09:17 AM Aug 05 2008 |



Hong Kong

i'm very sad after i know this news!Cry

08:50 AM Aug 05 2008 |





chinese insurance system is TERIBLE indeed !!!!!

i suppose the government wants more ppl die of disease ,hence ,  they can have less burdern !!! 

07:23 AM Aug 05 2008 |


VOLTSSuper Member!


we have a health system in my country that isn't so good, but, nonetheless the system is free. for instance, if one person has aids (sida), he can to go visit a doctor and take drugs without spend money.


04:52 AM Aug 05 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

what  a poor Deven ,,,

breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer  , and it is cosidered less dangerous than the rest of  cancers . so , dont worry Deven , you gonna be alright :))

be optimism :)) and look at life on a  shine positive side

04:26 AM Aug 05 2008 |



United States

she will get better, i believe

03:28 AM Aug 05 2008 |



United States

i cant believe that.  i never thought that Deven may get cancer. Gosh. ~~

03:27 AM Aug 05 2008 |



Viet Nam

poor of her! from the past till now, i have never seen anyone who i know have a cancer. As i know, this is a really heavy sickness, really difficult to treat. In Vietnam, as i know, the treatment for cancer often takes a lot of money. hoping god will give his hand to save her life , as well as the others who have cancer on over the world.

12:54 AM Aug 05 2008 |

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