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Learn the Present Perfect Tense

Date: Jun 25 2012

Themes: News, Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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We all need somebody else to stand up for us sometimes. When we’re kids, it’s our parents who protect us and make sure others treat us fairly. As adults, we have friends and family members who help us in different ways. And at work, many people belong to a union that’s there to stand up for their rights as workers.

Unions help fight for things like higher pay, health insurance, paid vacations and better working conditions. Some people dislike unions because they think they have too much power. But many workers rely on a union to stand up for them. Hear Amy and Marni discuss unions.



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Amy:  I’ve always supported unions just kind of generally, in principle. But I belong to a union, and I actually just benefited in a real way from belonging to a union.

Marni:  I agree, actually, because I too am a member of a union, teacher’s union, and they’re really there to support workers’ rights and to support us as individuals. But you know, there’s been such a backlash recently against unions in this country. And, you know, with both of us being members of a union, I think we’re both on the defensive, because we know how much it benefits us. But I think people think unions have too much power.

Amy:  It does seem like people have this idea that unions are this big, dark, powerful force. But that seems so crazy to me when unions were started to help people who had no power, you know? Like, they were…the whole point of unions is to kind of fight back against the bosses and the people who naturally have the power in a working situation. And so, it seems really weird that now the tables have turned and we think the unions are the villains.

Marni:  Right.


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Amy and Marni both belong to unions. They both say that they have benefited from belonging to a union. Unions help workers get things like health insurance and higher pay.

On the other hand, some people dislike unions. They think unions have too much power. People often get annoyed when unions go on strike. Strikes are one tool that unions use to get more rights and benefits for workers.

Amy doesn’t think unions have too much power. She says their purpose is to stand up for people who don’t have much power at all. She and Marni agree that unions shouldn’t be seen as villains.

Do you have unions in your country? Do you think the unions are a good or bad thing?



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Russian Federation

Can’t agree more with all words uttered above. Unions are considerably helpful to workers. However, to be honest, their treatment rarely works out. I mean, despite all existing laws and rights, there has been a practice that strikers commonly get fired at last by employer which has led to fear of losing their jobsite. Therefore, a lot of people keep thrilling for themselves and won’t ever brave not to jump on a band wagon. So, unfortunetely, often the system is the one what gets the upper hand((

10:05 PM Jul 05 2012 |



United States

it is great that we have unions. unions help workers with payment situations, and a lot of other situations.

06:59 PM Jul 05 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I THINK some time is good and another time is bad?

It is good when it is work or team for player is get for them stand up  for union

It is bad when it the people are be two team black and white

the white person hate the black one

08:49 AM Jul 02 2012 |



hi every body I don’t have union in my country but i think the union is a good because the life need relation 

09:54 AM Jul 01 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

In the beginning we have to talking about the emergence of unions

During the Industrial Revolution, And with emergence of machines was easy for business owners to layoffs, and the capitalistsMoney mouth were consume workers with all the meanings, with low wages, long hours and unsafe working conditions. When a worker approached anyone about these conditions, they were fired or told to take it or leave it, leaving them with no choice but to work through the harsh environment in order to make a living for themselves or their families.

Unions were developed to give the workers a voice in the work place. It set up specific laws and rules that the Business Owners had to abide by or face penalties. It gave workers a way to speak out about unfairness, unsafe environments, and gave those rights such as time off, sick pay and retirement plans.

So I think that unions are very important and effective to save rights for labors, and I’m against say that unions are playing the role of villains. May never have to be neutral between right and wrongInnocent.

08:00 AM Jun 27 2012 |

Vina Novalina


Union makes us strenght.

05:29 AM Jun 26 2012 |




Yea we have socalled Union, but I don’t really remember they ever did anything… I think they suppose to be good.

02:28 AM Jun 26 2012 |




In China, there is many unions,such as for labors for womens and children and so on. They can help  the person who need help!

12:28 AM Jun 26 2012 |

durra ahmed


unions its just a word at this time .maybe in the past it was working  but i think now  no one work with it cause many of people when a small group want to be together to face a problem  that many people will say no it’s not my busness .. and this not right i think if he just think that may be he’ll fall in same problem then no one will save him in my country there is unions but it just name


09:10 PM Jun 25 2012 |

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S01142923Super Member!


I am a nurse and my boss can fire me without any valid reasons. So, I think union will be great in my situation. At least if my boss tried to fire me, the union can stand up for me. 

05:17 PM Jun 25 2012 |

S01142923Super Member!


I am a nurse and my boss can fire me without any valid reasons. So, I think union will be great in my situation. At least if my boss tried to fire me, the union can stand up for me. 

05:17 PM Jun 25 2012 |




I don’t think that Unions are bad. When workers don’t get enough returns for their work then this Union works. We all must have read the story of, “Bundle Of Sticks” in our childhood. Moral of that story is, ” Union gives strength” Nowadays, we can see how people those who have rights in their hands are taking the use of their rights. They are ready do anything for self benefit and for that they don’t care that someone will suffer. In India, there is need of Unions everywhere. Curruption is increasing day by day. From last one month, one organisation started a very good TV show called,” Satyameva Jayate” through which they are trying to spread awareness about everything in people and as a result, it is observed that most of the bad work or curruption is done by highly educated people or those who are on higher posts. So, If we want to stop this then we have make a Union. Because, “Union gives Strength”

02:44 PM Jun 25 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually this article very attractive , we live under Israel occupation , I live in Palestine as the same time we are active society we practice our lives without any problem .

We have lots of unions in my country , For me I’m a member of a union , Every month we are meeting for fix some problems for workers , As we know Impossible to do everything without regular work , we need the organization If we are working at the government sector more than private sector .

some workers are suffering from mismanagement there are lots mistakes in thier official papers , they need higher pay and prepare their  official document periodically   .

we can’t work without unions , any work needs to a good cooperation If you want to got on a useful result you should have some person in order to organized  and arrange your work .

I guess the unions is reflecting about the justice between workers , the unions  is the best way to keep All right to workers .

I’m agree with any way keep All rights to workers , those people are poor they exposed to miserable conditions , we should respect them .

All respect To All wprkers over the world .

02:05 PM Jun 25 2012 |

1 person likes this



according to ma concept union is strength. :)

10:19 AM Jun 25 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

unions is very good  becuase you can find lots of friends and make unions with themLaughing

10:17 AM Jun 25 2012 |



english baby is a union too,this union make us study english togher,this my understanging.

10:01 AM Jun 25 2012 |




Im ateacher,& we tryto be union in our school.The union isnt abad thing,if we use it correctly.We must use it to help each other,use it to face the devil too.Our religion recommended that.I hope all the arab countries be in union with each others.

09:32 AM Jun 25 2012 |



Against injustices, not just the unions all workers should be unity.Unfotunately governments and wealthy people have domination in world.destroying this inequality,To create a system that everyone can live on equal terms, All oppressed people must meets under one roof.

08:35 AM Jun 25 2012 |


United States

I thought the title said “Onions” haha! Tongue out

04:07 AM Jun 25 2012 |




Unite to make you strong. I’m part of school union too. But I think some people really use it in wrong way like demonstration or kind of riot, they are in one union right? Maybe fighting against something or unfairly things.

02:26 AM Jun 25 2012 |

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