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Ability(Can,could,be able to)

Date: Sep 13 2008

Topic: Grammar

Author: dandouna


*Use can or be able to to talk about ability in the present.

 Examples: She can do computer graphics

She's able to do computer graphics

*Use either could or was/were able to to talk about ability(but not a specific achievement) in the past.

 Examples:Sam could read when he was four.

 He was able to use acomputer too.

--Be Careful:Use managed to or was/were able to to talk about a specific achievement or a single event in the past.

 Examples:She managed to delete the virus from her computer.

 He was able to fix his computer when it broke down.

 *Use either could or was/were able to in negative sentences about past ability.

 Examples:I couldn't do spreadsheets

 I wasn't able to do one problem.

--For forms and tenses other than the present or past, use be able to.

 Examples:Jen wants to be able to write software. (infinitive)

By June she will be able to complete her computer class. (future)


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United States

I learnt a lot out from here

07:50 AM Oct 14 2017 |

shergo zad

Syrian Arab Republic

hello dandouna . how are u ? can we be good friends ? want to learm more english from u .

01:33 AM Jul 04 2010 |



wonderful,excellent,exciting lesson.

07:53 AM Mar 28 2009 |

the $60 billiom man

Saudi Arabia

thanks dandouna

 great Laughing jop


07:36 AM Sep 23 2008 |



Thanks !! Dandouna….......... You cleared by doubts…I appreciate it.


05:27 PM Sep 21 2008 |




Nice 2hear that, i share with u everything i do..

02:51 PM Sep 20 2008 |




u r welcome my dear, i'll do my best with ur encouragement in every lesson i share it with u..

02:49 PM Sep 20 2008 |




me too was able .

07:09 AM Sep 20 2008 |

fadi moh

Saudi Arabia

great lesson

thanks dandouna

01:55 AM Sep 14 2008 |

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