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Date: Sep 24 2008

Themes: News

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Who hasn’t wished for a cleaning robot? It would be great. Something that doesn’t get tired and doesn’t have feelings to do all your dirty work.

But the new movie WALL-E shows us that robots have feelings too. In the distant future when Earth is so polluted that all the humans have gone and only cleaning robots live there, love blooms.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beren:  Have you seen this new movie, WALL-E?

Mason:  Absolutely. Totally. It took me too long to see it, but it was phenomenal.

Beren:  Is it a Pixar or…

Mason:  Yeah. So it totally lives up to standard, right?

Beren:  Yeah, awesome. What’s the plot, it’s a robot…like post-apocalyptic or…

Mason:  It’s not really apocalyptic, it’s like garbage…It’s way, way off in the future and basically the humans have completely polluted the planet so they’ve all left on this giant cruise space ship and they created these teeny little WALL-E robots to clean up all the garbage, basically and they’ll call when they’re done and it’s thousands of years. Of course, it still hasn’t happened.

Beren:  And then they’ll come pick up the WALL-Es?

Mason:  No, then the people will come back and repopulate Earth. But in the meantime, it’s just kind of not happening. There’s so much trash. So there’s a lot of social commentary in the film, actually.

Beren:  Yeah, that’s what I heard. Everybody who’s seen it, all of my friends are older and they don’t have kids and they’ve seen it multiple times.

Mason:  It’s a kind of very current movie with issues that are going on right now, but it’s also just a freakin’ incredible story. It’s a great love story…

Beren:  A love story between the WALL-E and another WALL-E?

Mason:  Yeah, there’s a lot of emotion there, which is kind of the Pixar magic. How do they take this boxy-looking robot and practically make me cry with him?

Beren:  Yeah, make him human.

Mason:  Mm-hm.

Beren:  Wow.


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Mason liked that WALL-E, a movie made for children, had a lot of social commentary about environmental issues. Most of Beren’s friends liked the movie too.

One thing that Mason finds particularly amazing about the film is that it is able to be very emotional even though the characters are robots. The robots don’t even look like humans either!

What would like a robot to do for you?



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Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I’d like it to clean my room and b my friend :P

12:03 PM Feb 15 2012 |




I appreciate your opinion, dear Anja. You will quickly get used to the help of robot. You will relax during many hours of leisure.

Imagine…. one day your “beloved helper” has broken, you have no money to repair and to buy another one ….. and …... you have to do everything  yourslef again. The human nature is the same: the more help you get the more  harder to start to do it by yourself again. 

My opinion below is that, because I never rely on anybody. I rely only on myself. :)

08:48 AM Feb 15 2012 |

1 person likes this




Robots, thanks :) I like to do my housework myself.

Robots, don’t spoil us. Otherwise we will turn into the fat and lazy “substance” :)

Robots, you can be very useful for the lonely  disabled people. They need your help so much.

Wall -E, special thanks to you!! You and EVE are amazing couple! My family and I watched that movie several times and each time we enjoyed it so much. 

Wall-E is the movie from the category: “Never persecute”Smile

07:45 AM Feb 15 2012 |


United States

It's mind blowing movie.I remember, Me and my friends were go to watch it in theater. It's wonderful anime and sci-fi movie. 

Mostly, I love to Watch TV Shows but this was first movie that win my mind.

11:17 AM Feb 12 2011 |

I not crazy!


I have never watched this miovis

02:12 PM Feb 02 2010 |



yeah…......movie is so awesome.
but life style showed in movie is way off from today’s style.it is successful in giving a good massege to everyone…anyway i m blow away by robot’s love story..

07:37 AM Jun 25 2009 |




its a awesome movie , it have so emotions and i love the way as speak about the problems of the earth and the us as humans


05:21 PM Mar 14 2009 |



strongly recommend !

and I have a question that anybody knows where's the Pixar Studio located ? Can the tourist apply to visit?

and how ?

please some kind of you can tell me about that ^^

thanks a lot !


08:29 AM Feb 25 2009 |



Though i have not watched it yet.one of my male friends made the comments that every boy should give their girlfriends a wall-e as present..it is not hard to understand why so many people above said the wall-e is cute or the movie is incredible…

since almost everyone would be touched by the impressed plots,nomatter they are children or adults

11:43 AM Sep 30 2008 |



i want to wacth this film

03:29 PM Sep 29 2008 |



I have not saw this movie,but I like the cute robot.

06:55 AM Sep 29 2008 |




robot is our slave not we r enslaved by them ,that is the principle we ceate them !



05:24 PM Sep 28 2008 |




this movie makes me have a new dream .

i love this movie

04:24 PM Sep 28 2008 |

sweet_ girl

United Arab Emirates

i think so  this movie so nice , i want to watched this movie soon ^^Surprised

11:06 AM Sep 28 2008 |

shelley Liu


Although I haven't seen this film, it seems very good, and I am also desired to have this kind of robot who could help me do anything. Maybe it's not impossible.

08:54 AM Sep 28 2008 |

Kate :)

Kate :)

Czech Republic

I would like watch this movie..! :)

04:11 PM Sep 27 2008 |



No have Robot that perfect like WallE at this moment

But I think,It will be builted in the future.

12:26 PM Sep 27 2008 |



Point of this movie has warning the pollotion. WallE is good robot in imagine.


PS. This this my first time. If my english mistook,Please correct me //Thanks a lot.

04:23 AM Sep 27 2008 |



I have alread watched this movie for couple of days, it's wonderful and let me a little astonished about these robots having real feelings as we human beings!All in all, the movie is a great one reserved to be watched!Enjoy it!

06:48 AM Sep 26 2008 |



Until now, WALL-E is the best movie of Pixar. Maybe it didn´t earn as much money as "Toy Story", "Monsters Inc." or "Finding Nemo", but it´s really amazing how the director, the designers, the actors, create a possible world in the future, the way they show "feelings" in the robots using no words (eyes expressions, sounds), that´s impressive!!! It´ll be a classic for sure and I won´t be surprised if its nominated for an Academy Award in 2009 in the Animated picture category. There won´t be another animated movie in 2008 which can achieve this advance. And my doubt will be how can Pixar make another animated movie more excellent than WALL-E?? It will be a challenge!!!

10:49 PM Sep 25 2008 |

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