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Improve your vocabs

Improve your vocabs

Date: Sep 27 2008

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: chanphyu


Today, my lesson is a bit interesting. I've been studying all this while so I can't post lessons on ebaby. Now, I'm back.I want to share with you all some vocabs. Today i am going to share with you all 10 Vocabs. Hope you learn from it. You can also learn how to use it.I've given an example for the word.

 1.Confabulation    (noun)             A private conversation.

e.g      Michelle and the principal are having confabulation.

 2. Bicker              (noun)             Arguing over something that is not important.

e.g     "Don't bicker anymore. It's just a waste of time," said John.

 3.  Confess          (verb)              admit the truth.

e.g      I will confess him, don't worry.

 4. Hospitable       (noun)             Being kind, opposite of hostile.

e.g      You are so hospitable. Thank you so much.

 5. Accomplice       (noun)             A partner in crime.

e.g      Don't forget that you are the accomplice too.

 6. Exhilarated      (verb)              Happy

e.g      She is too exhilarated about the trip to zoo.

 7. Bloated           (verb)              Very full. Not hungry.

e.g      He is already bloated. Don't feed him anymore.

 8.  Reprimand     (verb)             Scold somebody

e.g      Don't reprimand me anymore. I know my mistake.

 9.  Rowdy           (adj)                Loud or naughty.

e.g      He has a rowdy habit. It would take very long to change it.   

 10. isolated         (adj)               deserted, alone

e.g      This is an isolated island and it is also too far from here.            



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks for new vocabs

01:43 PM Dec 16 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

its really important words i just learned it its all new to me thanks alot ^^

12:50 AM Dec 10 2013 |



is the word confabulation commonlly used?

thank you for these important words

07:00 AM Dec 04 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

First some corrections:Bicker is a verb. Both Hospitable and Bloated as well as Exhilarated are adjectives.

Second let’s read a letter written by a guy to understand the new vocabularies better;

“You know mom, sometimes I used to feel isolated because of my former habits especially when I’d been accused of being accomplice in that terrible crime, but now I’m thinking of you and become so exhilarated, I’m telling myself I have a kind mom at least, that we can have a confabulation like the past, it’s the time I should confess you are the best and closest person I have ever had in my life, you never reprimands me for those acts. However, I was really ashamed of my bad doing… LOVE YOU MOM… hope that you can forgive me … don’t worry about me, I have enough food here, I sometimes feel bloated after the meals, nights are not cold too much but your warm hugs will be always missed, everything is ok, I stopped bickering with rowdy guys…

don’t worry, as you see our guard is reasonably hospitable with me, he allowed me to write these lines to you…”

Who can guess where is the boy now?!!

01:48 PM Dec 02 2013 |




Nice buddy ,,, we all are here for the info like this .. sorry i’m…. :-D

05:28 PM Dec 01 2013 |


Hong Kong

YUP..It is very important…very nice


10:01 AM Dec 26 2012 |



No doubt these words are important and your good efforts, 

God bless you.

04:36 PM Sep 15 2009 |





03:00 PM Sep 15 2009 |

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