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Date: Nov 17 2008

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band that’s best known for the horror masks the musicians wear on stage. Critics of the band say the masks are just a gimmick, used to shock people and try to sell more records. But the band members insist that the masks are an important part of their music. When they put the masks on, they feel more connected to the dark, animal spirit of their songs.

Even if you think Slipknot’s masks are a silly gimmick, you might still be a fan of their music. Especially now that they’ve updated their sound on their album All Hope Is Gone. Listen to what Jason and Mason think about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  The whole Midwest has really strange taste in music, in a lot of ways. You know, like, the whole rap rock thing is still kind of alive and well.

Mason:  Yeah like Uncle Kracker.

Jason:  Yeah! And ICP. And I’ve always sort of roped Slipknot in with that crowd.

Mason:  You know, I’ve never actually listened to them, because I keep thinking that they’re wrestlers.

Jason:  They do have the masks. They used to have like dreads] and sort of scary clown masks, which is totally ‘90s, you know? But now they’ve got like these more timeless horror masks. Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser kind of stuff.

Mason:  What’s their music even like?

Jason:  It’s changing a little, too. It’s got that metal chugging thing. And now they’re doing a little more melodic singing. Like they were doing all that new metal, growl-rap.

Mason:  Like Korn?

Jason:  Yeah, like Korn.

Mason:  Like ten years ago?

Jason:  But now they’re kind of sounding like five years ago. You know, like Avenge Sevenfold.

Mason:  So Slipknot is really only like seven years behind the times.

Jason:  Exactly, which is what’s amazing to me. Is that they…I thought that they were permanently, terminally behind the times, but they are progressing…Just at an interval behind the rest of us.


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In the US, the kind of music people like often depends on where they live. People who live in the South, for instance, tend to like country music better than people who live in the northern part of the country. Slipknot is from Des Moines, a city in the middle of the US, where rap-metal is most popular.
Mason has heard of the band Slipknot but he’s never listened to their music. He only knows that the band members all wear scary masks and weird costumes. Jason explains that the members of Slipknot have recently updated their masks. Their music has become more current, too, but it’s still outdated. It’s just slightly less outdated than it used to be.

Do you like rap rock and heavy metal? Do you agree that this type of music is behind the times, or would you say it’s timeless? Is this kind of music popular in your country?



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I've not listened to Slipknot's music but I know them because of their terrible masks. I think it's interesting because it's unusual. Also I watched their video somewhen, it's more horrible than thair masks. But I couldn't stop watching it before it's end. I was shocked  Laughing

06:09 PM Nov 17 2008 |




We dont have that kind of music in my country, but

 they are really cool and creative with their scary

masks.  I think music is connected with creativity and


04:04 PM Nov 17 2008 |



In my opinion, the slipknot band have its own crowd but the masks is a way to get the people attention as an advertisement.



03:25 PM Nov 17 2008 |




I think Slipknot is the one of a few metal bands who can get a good position in sales chart.

Nowadays everybody says Heavy Metal is too old. I do not agree!!

Actually, Rap Rock, like Limp Bizkit, Crazy Town or that kind of bands, was crap.

People who say "I don't like Heavy Metal" like Metallica and Guns N' Roses.  Why?

That's because they just don't know what Heavy Metal is.

12:26 PM Nov 17 2008 |




I knew about slipknot music by this lesson . so I can say that slipknot music is traditional music.its my opinion.  

11:15 AM Nov 17 2008 |




I knew about slipknot music by this lesson . so I can say that slipknot music is traditional music.its my opinion.  

11:15 AM Nov 17 2008 |




heavy metal music is just too noisy for me.but some pieces of Linkin Park are not bad.

10:58 AM Nov 17 2008 |

May ie


when in happy,I like listen to slipknot.It is exciting,but I prefer soft music,when in sad .Generally speaking ,I like slipknot more .because happy is more than sad in my life .It’s crazy.

09:16 AM Nov 17 2008 |



the impression for heavy metal musicians i have is what they do fancily,like fancyhair ,fancy personality,etc.Some of them is hard to be accepted,but the music they do is sure nice,just like spirit and energy releasing!

09:03 AM Nov 17 2008 |




i don like heavy metal! it causes me headache

08:49 AM Nov 17 2008 |



Metal chugging thing,more moledic singing, the band slipknot become a combination of angle and devil..


07:39 AM Nov 17 2008 |




well.. i like slipknot and the masks too… i think that`s great

02:28 AM Nov 17 2008 |

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