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Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

Date: Dec 15 2020

Themes: Health, Holidays

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Family. Presents. Food. Decorations. Presents. Oh, and did we mention presents? For all these reasons and more, Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But not everyone feels merry during the holidays. In fact, many people get depressed or feel blue at this time.

Some people feel sad at Christmas because they can’t afford to buy their friends and family members all the gifts they want. Or they feel let down when the holidays don’t live up to their hopes and expectations. Others feel extra lonely over the holidays if they don’t have anyone to share them with. And some people get depressed by how commercial the holidays have become.

Listen to Marni try to cheer up Devan before the holidays are finished.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  God, I hate the holidays.

Marni:  You don’t like Christmas?

Devan:  No, I’m kind of like Charlie Brown. You know, I hate all the commercialism of the holidays. It’s so far removed from what it’s supposed to be about. It’s all just about money and consuming.

Marni:  Yeah, you have a point. But I still love it. I still love…I don’t know, I just like the spirit of it all. Like I love being downtown and having all the lights and seeing people decorate their homes. You know, I’m just such a sucker for buying a Christmas tree…Or, you know, lighting a menorah. Whatever. I love all traditions.

Devan:  I see what you’re saying, and I think that there is something to be said about, you know…family coming together, and all the lights, and all that stuff. But it just feels like if that’s what it could really be about, about being with your family, then I’d be all about it. But it seems like all people care about is presents and buying.

Marni:  So, it sounds like, for you…Is there just this huge build-up and then you’re always let down?

Devan:  Yeah, I’m always just kind of let down by it.

Marni:  Well, you know, I think what you need to do is just drink a lot of eggnog, get your stockings out, and just, you know, get cheer going on, and…

Devan:  Maybe this year you’ll help me get in the spirit.

Marni:  I’ll try my hardest.


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Devan doesn’t like Christmas because she thinks it’s all about spending money and buying presents. Marni agrees that the holidays can be a little too commercial sometimes, but she loves the special feelings of joy and celebration that come with them.

If the holidays only involved beautiful decorations and being with family, Devan would like them better. Also, she thinks the expectations surrounding Christmas are too high. Marni offers to help Devan get in the spirit. Maybe if she drinks enough eggnog, she’ll have a better time this year.

Do you ever feel blue during the holidays? Are holidays very commercial in your country?



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I just love the lesson photo. The puppy is so cute!

10:51 PM Dec 14 2010 |



Chistmas is too commercial in Spain. The light, christmas tree, shopping start in Octuber. 

I like the Christmas, but only the christmas with my family!!


09:26 AM May 07 2010 |




Christmas is just around the corner, I am so excited, not for the presents but being with my whole family again. Presents wouldn't make me happy, the only thing that can make my christmas happy is my family.

With or without presents as long as your family is whole, I have nothing to ask for.

01:38 PM Dec 20 2009 |

1 person likes this




Like I said,I love holidays for doing nothing! hehe :D

12:55 PM Dec 30 2008 |




I felt like that during 4 years running,now no more…I felt an emptiness,a dissatisfaction…But now,I have decided this question…Moreover,when we are young,we waint the christmas with more anxiety,today not,we are more quiet…

12:52 PM Dec 30 2008 |

tony tay

Viet Nam

Sometimes they have been mistaking about  Chirstmas day .they fogot the Jesus who to the earth  in order to redeem the man's crime

I think that only involved beautiful decoration, being with family and remember to Jesus as well as to follow his words in the Bible , that is the best way to celebrate the Chirstmas day


07:49 AM Dec 30 2008 |




07:34 AM Dec 30 2008 |




07:16 AM Dec 30 2008 |



yeah of course there might be little commercialism….....

but we should'nt  bother spending money on holidays…....but at the same time we just cant afford to enjoy all our money on single day…b because  its all our hard earning money while spending money on holidayz we might enjoy a loot….. end of da day…. if we ran out out of money ….we may feel sad u might feel like god y i spend too much yesterday…....heyy i was suppose to say dat we should'nt be too penny pinching and too spend treft …....


06:59 AM Dec 30 2008 |



yes i agree festivals have became little more commercial….. but it still depends on us….no matter how much commercialism is out there…......itz not like that poor ppl  cant enjoy sprite of holidayz they do enjoy a lot in fact…....ppl who are rich those plans will be expensive ….......

06:43 AM Dec 30 2008 |



yep it's a great lesson christmas is all abt mixed feelings ppl who are rich enough might afford more money on buying gifts greetings and stuff to there loved ones…...its not like that  joy and pleasurses comes frm money…... it does'nt matter how much u r spending on holidayz but how much are u enjoying that counts…......beaing a middle class boy i still enjoy my holidayz like spending fun tym wid ma buddies when u are wid ur loves ones wat could u want…... so enjoyment has nothing to do with money

06:34 AM Dec 30 2008 |



Yes, I feel lonely also. I live in the city far away from my family.

05:46 AM Dec 30 2008 |



 I really enjoy this holidaySmile

10:33 PM Dec 29 2008 |



 I enjoy this holiday and like decorations, presents, greetings… It's wonderful!!

10:31 PM Dec 29 2008 |




hope with this i'll stop receie emails everytime someone replies here..

06:37 PM Dec 29 2008 |

happy zhang


I also find the festival become more and more commercial. and i don't have the happy feeling while i was a child.

03:40 PM Dec 29 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

take it easy dear baby

09:25 AM Dec 29 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes I agree that in holiday you are supposed to pay money for somethings that often looked foolish but if you want to work all the time and save all of your money, life become boring and meaningless without leaving any prestigious memory on your mind. 

09:23 AM Dec 29 2008 |




i always like holiday coz we can do lots of masti n spend time wd our friend n relative

08:55 AM Dec 29 2008 |



Hello everyone. I love the holidays as i want to meet my boyfriend very much. During this christmas holidays, i read books in the bookstore everyday. i find reading is the best thing in my life.

07:51 AM Dec 29 2008 |

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