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Date: Apr 02 2009


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I don’t think I’d be happy if I only played clean-cut characters. I can’t paint a pretty picture all the time.”

-Actor Nicolas Cage on the roles he likes to play in movies. (bered.com)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

wholesome; well-dressed, clean and professional-looking

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

What do a suicidal alcoholic, a drug-addicted police officer, and an illegal weapons dealer have in common?

They’re all characters that Nicolas Cage has played in movies. And none of them can be called clean-cut.

If someone is clean-cut, they’re neat and tidy in appearance. Usually, describing someone as clean-cut also implies that they’re wholesome and normal. There’s nothing dark or weird or crazy about them. So you can see why, for an actor, it wouldn’t be very interesting to only play clean-cut characters.

Clean-cut is an adjective that’s most often used to describe people. However, you can also sometimes use clean-cut to describe things like music, movies, or TV shows. A clean-cut movie is a wholesome movie with no sex, violence, or bad language. It’s the kind of movie that’s safe for kids to watch, but might be a little boring for adults.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“He used to dress like a hippie but now he’s totally clean-cut. “

“The Beach Boys’ music is considered clean-cut, even though many of the lyrics are quite dark.”

“My mom wants me to date someone clean-cut, but I only like bad boys.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

VOLTS it means "wholesome"
by VOLTSSuper Member!
amany7 clean-cut means very pleasant, straight,and kind
by amany7
Julli3^.^ neat and smart
by Julli3^.^
Karenzzita clear and distinct to the senses; easily perceptible or neat and smart in appearence
by Karenzzita
traciwan decent, nice
by traciwan
zsófi normal, usual
by zsófi
roles of good and kind people
by Maira_from_KZ
very good, very nice
by Fleeting Inn
positive characters
by cynthiachunyan
Aneet Neat and smart (in apperiance) - how does he look like.
by Aneet
Tusik neat, polite, without any flaws or shortcomings. Not a bad guy :)
by Tusik
tanya_ua It means pleasant, pleasing or nice!
by tanya_ua
Athan neat and trim in appearance,especially for good looking guy
by Athan
shv_2005 innocent & good image
by shv_2005
Tarfah good or decent people
by Tarfah
good guy in the movie
by CatherineVanilla

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I don't understand, it's very difficult to me !

01:28 PM Apr 02 2009 |




i love his movies ..he always played a key role in his movies.

i like that   ..Man

11:02 AM Apr 02 2009 |




This is something new to me. Cage is a real actor, I like the films he joined very much.

09:22 AM Apr 02 2009 |




I like Nicolas Cage and the moive the best I like is "Face off" as he plyas an main actor in that movie.

"Clean-cut characters" it is a nice word but I prefer clean and pure minded. If people who live in the world have  clean and pure minded we can paint a world as a preety picture rather than now.

09:14 AM Apr 02 2009 |



United States

Oh,it's bad!!!I enjoy the films about the soldiers,the wars,and pioneers.That's a kin of life that i dreamming to live!!But on the other hand i like Nicolas Cage and his films very much,I think it is because that he is always very clean-cut!!! 

08:28 AM Apr 02 2009 |

Mr Shaluunge

United States

OH!!! that is cool but it's very difficult to me

07:23 AM Apr 02 2009 |

Kyle A

Kyle A

United States

He only plays one character! I don't think he can act. Maybe I just can't see it though.

06:50 AM Apr 02 2009 |




I did like clean-cut movies looks more pure than other filmsEmbarassed

05:48 AM Apr 02 2009 |




I don't think Nicolas Cage is clean-cut,but he is very Man,I love the movie that he was played…particular Ghost raider!!  

05:29 AM Apr 02 2009 |




that means something conventional, safe, not risque.

I like Nicolas Cage very much.

04:42 AM Apr 02 2009 |



mines nice clean good normal truely wholesome . i like cara's music it's so clean-cut

04:17 AM Apr 02 2009 |



Ghost raider is fantastic move of Nicolas Cage

02:06 AM Apr 02 2009 |



My favorite actor is Nicolas Cage, who is handsome and confidence. Sometimes he is a little wild,but there is a kind of unusual character charmingly.

01:22 AM Apr 02 2009 |




12:58 AM Apr 02 2009 |


Cote D'Ivoire

it mean clean neat

12:41 AM Apr 02 2009 |

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