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Date: Apr 20 2009

Themes: Music, News

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s one thing to write songs about being in prison. Plenty of rappers do that. But only a lucky few actually get to experience the real thing. Now T.I. is one of them. He was recently sentenced to one year in prison for owning illegal weapons.

Now T.I. is using his last few weeks of freedom to help some troubled teeangers turn their lives around with a new reality show called T.I.’s Road to Redemption. But can T.I. turn his own life around before it’s too late? Find out what Marni and Ella think.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Ella:  Marni, I’m so sad! T.I.’s going to jail.

Marni:  Oh, yeah. For a weapons purchasing?

Ella:  Yeah, he was trying to buy automatic weapons . You know, it’s a rapper thing to do!

Marni:  Yeah, I mean isn’t that like the standard issue? You’re a rapper, you need to buy automatic weapons.

Ella:  Yeah, but he’s gonna be there for I think less than a year, so he’ll be out, but…MTV’s been doing this big follow-up. It’s called T.I.’s Road to Redemption, this TV show.

Marni:  Yeah, he’s helping at-risk youth.

Ella:  Yeah, each show is a little…different kid who’s kind of living in the streets, in the hood, and he’s trying to show them the better life, you know, and then the worse life. He takes one kid to the mortuary and shows him a gangbanger that got beat up and killed, just to show them this is what could happen. But then he rewards them, like takes them to an awards show in one and helps pay for school in another.

Marni:  He’s doing some good then with his…

Ella:  Yeah, he’s doing lots of good.

Marni:  Well I think it’s interesting. He’ll pay his dues to society and then…I’m glad that he’s already sort of on the road to redemption.

Ella:  Can’t wait for him to come back to the rap scene.

Marni:  Yeah. He will be missed.


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Ella is sad because T.I. is going to jail for possessing illegal weapons. Lots of rappers talk about owning weapons, so it’s a little surprising to hear about one actually getting arrested for it. Many people see guns, violence, and jail as part of the rapper image.

Now T.I. has a TV show in which he tries to help at-risk kids by showing them what might happen to them if they don’t behave better. He also shows them how good their lives could be if they become better citizens. Ella believes that T.I. is on the road to redemption himself.

Do you believe that T.I. will keep getting in trouble with the law? Is it really possible for people to turn their lives around?



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ofcourse it's possible to turn himself live around – while he'll really want it. Everyone should have second chance to change his life. I hope, that T. I. will be better men and hold out with helping at-risk youth.

02:09 PM Apr 20 2009 |




I dont like his music, you know hiphop thing, or ghetto. Well people sometimes need to punish in order to learn something.

02:07 PM Apr 20 2009 |



I think he can change himself. Everybody can do it.

01:31 PM Apr 20 2009 |

quick to pardon


I know this guy he is the best

01:21 PM Apr 20 2009 |

razak alhassan


hi reply me

01:16 PM Apr 20 2009 |




Weapon is kind of accessory for rapper,because the first rap song was written in prison by gangster and as usual gangster has a gun. 

12:32 PM Apr 20 2009 |




well, i like his music but i really don't understand why the rappers need weapons…just to be cool maybe but that's just stupid and this is what some of them get…Frown

12:00 PM Apr 20 2009 |




undoubtedly, T.I. ROCKS my world!! His music is really AWESOME!!!

11:35 AM Apr 20 2009 |



Hey, T. I. King is Kirk Hinrich's favourite musician

well i'm a big fan of KH but i don't like T. I.

Metal and Gothic music fit me much better than rap or hiphop

11:28 AM Apr 20 2009 |



United States

i like the guyon the pix,

so hot

11:04 AM Apr 20 2009 |




Answer today's questions: 1. I don't know, I don't even know him; 2. Yes, I believe that.


I hope he does all the community service by good willing, not for reducing penalty. Maybe most of Chinese think it's very easy to get a gun in US, so it's not big difference it's a pistol or AK47.


As far as I know it's not that  convenient to obtain a weapon in US,  you need a license for holding a gun and another license for conceal when you are outside with gun. And it would be a very long process, take months, need a full background check before the government give you a license. So I don't buy it if he said he didn't know how serious it is.

08:26 AM Apr 20 2009 |

Mr Shaluunge

United States

I need someone who has just help me so may I get that one brothers coz my English is so poor so sorry that really  

07:57 AM Apr 20 2009 |



Russian Federation

Rappers seem to get into trouble all the time, but you remember Eminem in his song "Like toy soldiers" tries to persuade his friends to stop solving all the problems with guns? Yeah, getto can cause such life, but i doubt that it's a good excuse for being bad. I guess everybody can do his or her best to have better life, i don't speak about richer life, but why not to be just a good man??? Sure it's not easy to change your life, you know – your habits, environment pressure… But i am sure the result is worth trying!!! About T.I. – he's a nice guy, i hope he doesn't lie to himself and want to turn his life around. Let's not doubt and wish him the best!

07:16 AM Apr 20 2009 |




TI isn't real gangster and his arrest its only for show..(I like his last album).I think prison so turns around people that they become more dangerous because their psychology changes much more.There they have to survive so there they have animal instict

07:13 AM Apr 20 2009 |



Dear English Baby members , I have checked all of comments before me and I found out all of  us have something in common on how to deal with the millon dollors .Donate to charity ,to the poor who are suffering from disease  ,being in hungry or church or we can buy big house ,amazing cars ,buy whatever our parents  want ,make our life easier and happier .ot we can start our own business or enlarge our samll business into big companies and make out more million dollors ,that is the coolest   thing I think for us .

06:41 AM Apr 20 2009 |




I can't figure it out that why rapper always make himself such cool,,,I mean T.I. was doing a right thing,but how could he go to jail for the illegal weapon??? 

05:44 AM Apr 20 2009 |




T.I , I didn't know him before. Well I am too old for listen rap. And aslo I don't like rap music. Anyway it makes me suprize that rappers try to get weapons in thier hand. What's for? Is there any relationship? Sorry I cannot understand.

05:27 AM Apr 20 2009 |




He does the good things

04:15 AM Apr 20 2009 |



If he want,he absolutely can make it.

04:07 AM Apr 20 2009 |



Viet Nam

Cry huxhuxhux my T.I. I think he did not mean any bad plan for buying illegal weapon!!! so when he is out the prison, fans will still love and support him.Smile

02:55 AM Apr 20 2009 |

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