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Coming Clean

Coming Clean English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jun 02 2009

Grammar: First Conditional


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Everyone agrees that lies are bad. But there are some gray areas. In last week’s soap opera, the group decided to forgive Ella and Dale for lying because they had to lie about being cops to rescue Beren after she was kidnapped. But that’s not the skeleton in the closet of the Ebaby! Cast.

Devan and Jason have had some good times together recently now that they’re both healthy. But do you remember how they got together? When Jason came out of his coma, he couldn’t remember anything, so Devan just told him they were already dating.

Watch as she asks Dale and Ella what it feels like to come clean and tries to decide if she should tell Jason the truth.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Ella:  Welcome to our house!

Dale:  Welcome!

Devan:  It looks great!

Ella:  Yeah, it’s a little messy. We got so focused on our jobs with you guys that we kind of lost our houses and were forced to live together.

Dale:  Now I have to move in with my partner. It’s OK. You get work done.

Ella:  It was worth it though! The confession...

Dale:  It felt so good.

Ella:  It feels great.

Dale:  It felt really good.

Devan:  Did it? Because I was wondering about that, actually. You know how me and Jason got together…

Ella:  Yeah.

Devan:  ...and it wasn’t entirely honest on my part. You know, I lied to him about us being together before his coma. But I want to confess and tell him the truth, but I’m worried about how he’s going to react. But the guilt’s weighing on me and I was wondering, are you glad? Do you feel a lot better now that you confessed? Do you think that confessing is a good thing to do?

Ella:  Actually, it feels great. That nagging feeling is gone. It’s just overwhelming how great it is to confess the truth.

Dale:  You know, when we do undercover work we have to hide it and then when you release that confession and you tell everybody who you really are and what’s really happening, it feels good because then it goes back to the true you. But, you know, we do this all the time, so…

Devan:  Do you think it’s going to ruin me and Jason’s relationship if I tell him the truth, or do you think it’ll make it strong since it won’t be based on lies anymore?

Ella:  It could. It could go either way. If he really loves you, it could go perfectly, he’ll be understanding. If he doesn’t, you’ll be better off.

Dale:  It’s up to you. Because sometimes you keep those secrets. You shouldn’t always release everything you have to release. It’s up to you, though. Whatever makes you happy.

Devan:  I think that coming clean would make me happy because I think it’s the right thing to do.


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From the day they first met Mason and Marni, Dale and Ella were lying to them. They were secretly undercover cops. But recently they told them truth and everyone decided to stay friends.

Devan has also been lying to someone, she told her boyfriend Jason that they were already together before he lost his memory. She’s not sure if she should tell him the truth, so she asks Dale and Ella, who tell her it feels good to come clean.

Are there any skeletons in your closet? Is there a secret you’re keeping that it would feel good to tell someone?



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For sure,I have some skeletons in my little closet, I guess every secrets is hard to keep while we are feeling guilt,

07:48 AM Jun 02 2009 |




I don't have one, not yet…


If I have some skeletons in my closet, if I don't feel guilty about it, and it won't hurt anyone, I probably will keep it forever.


But once you feel guilty about your secret, you have to come clean, then you can feel really free. I know the feeling, it happened.


Girls can be a little selfish about love, if I am Devan, and I'm sure Jason loves me, I will tell him; but if I'm not sure about Jason's feeling for me, I might keep it for some time. My saying, confess or not confess, be sure you can take any consequences of your decision.

06:23 AM Jun 02 2009 |




Actually I hate to lie. But sometimes I lied to someone for some reason. Even if there is no bad effect on both for saying lie, we should lie. For example one day my mom askd me are you ok? How are you? I said I am ok and healthy. Although I felt ill at that time. What do you think? Is it bad? Am I lier? I don't like to lie but also I don't want my mom worry about me. So I lied her.

I think that come clean is a good fact. If someone feel so bad or happen something of your lie. You have to do come clean.

02:56 AM Jun 02 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

the truth is right way

02:31 AM Jun 02 2009 |

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