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Going Home
Going Home

Learn English with this family English lesson

Date: Dec 19 2018

Themes: Family, Holidays, Time

Grammar: Adverbs


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As you grow older, it’s normal to want to move out of the home you grew up in. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love your family. It just means that you’re ready to live as an adult. If you’re living away from home, you have the freedom to make your own choices. Of course, you also have the responsibilities that come with it!

If you live on your own, returning to your childhood home can be a special treat. It can be a fun walk down memory lane. It can also be a little overwhelming. It’s easy to slip back into old roles and revert to behaviors you’re not proud of. It’s also hard to know if you’re living up to your parents’ plans for your life. What’s most important, though, is knowing that you’re doing what’s right for you.

Rafael and Marni are discussing their experiences with going home. Is it something they both enjoy? Learn more in today’s English lesson about family.


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Marni:  It’s summer. You know what I always love to do?

Rafael:  What?

Marni:  Just go home and visit where I grew up, and my family, and see old friends. Do you get to do that, ever? Where did you grow up?

Rafael:  I actually grew up pretty nearby, but I don’t go home too often. The whole parental thing can be a little overwhelming to me.

Marni:  OK. Sometimes it can be hard, because you slip back into old roles. Even though I’m an adult, I feel like I’m a teenager again when I go and visit my parents.

Rafael:  Yeah. I feel like I start behaving in a way that I used to behave the last time I was with my parents. It’s weird.

Marni:  Yeah. You kind of revert back to that. It happens, but sometimes it’s like a walk down memory lane. You get to look at your old room and all your old stuff. It just brings back all these memories. I love it.

Rafael:  I don’t even feel like I’m living up to their expectations.

Marni:  Really?

Rafael:  That’s why I don’t like going home too much.

Marni:  That’s too bad. I have a pretty good relationship with my parents.

Rafael:  Well, I envy that.

Marni:  Hey, you always have time to change that.

Rafael:  That’s why I just go home for holidays and weddings.

Marni:  All right. Fair enough.


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Marni loves going home to the place where she grew up. She enjoys spending time with her family, talking with old friends, and seeing the bedroom from her childhood. Marni likes to remember what her life was like when she was younger.

But for Rafael, going home is a very different experience. He feels like his parents aren’t proud of the decisions he’s made in his life. When he goes home, Rafael behaves like a teenager again, and his parents act like he’s still a teenager, too. He isn’t comfortable spending too much time at home, so Rafael usually only returns for special events.

Do you like to go home? Is it ever challenging for you?



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Yes, I like to go home. In fact, I go home every day. Every night, when i finished daily work, I go home and have dinner with my parents. I love them, they too. After dinner, we sat down on the sofa and watched TV together. We enjoy spending time. Now, they are old parents, my father is 69 years old, my mother is 67 years old, the time is so fast…I am 40 years old, I have a daughter, she is 12 years old, I love her like my parents love me too. I hope to say everyone, don’t think too much, spend time for your family, your parents always yours, they always love you, so you can too.

08:40 AM Dec 20 2018 |





02:53 AM Nov 26 2014 |




yeah i like going home and it brings back the old memories and you cherish them for a long time. whenever i go there everytime i feel like sliping into my old life and start recalling those days where i grew up, played & fought with friends, would do stupid things carelessly. i love that.

10:03 AM Nov 25 2014 |




Nice lesson

06:35 PM Nov 23 2014 |




I’m happy when I go home  but after one or two days I regret :)

04:54 PM Nov 22 2014 |

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United Kingdom

This is, I feel, rather an impressive and somewhat sentimental story. Well done!

01:53 PM Nov 22 2014 |

angel_ eyes


I live with my parens. LOl

07:47 AM Nov 22 2014 |


South Korea


05:46 AM Nov 22 2014 |

1 person likes this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Oh my God !!! Such a long time I’ve not been connected on Engishbaby.com (my fave website).

Now I’m back with a new flame !

08:25 PM Nov 21 2014 |




I love going home! Everytime I walk through my parents’ door it ignites an atmosphere of the same warmth i felt during my childhood years.




Now its a house with full of memories..it has empty rooms ,silent walls and alone furniture..

and each memory leaves a deep hole in my soul..

ı would wanted my mother caress my hair again,

ı would wanted my father tell me ” welcome,boy”again..

go home often, if your parents are alive..

go home,if you need to live the most beautiful happiness in the world.

before everything ends.




I don`t have a place back home to go. The old folks are gone, the house has been torn down , only blurred memories remain of what used to be  days full of frolic and merriment . We could played soccer in the streets , as well on Saint John`s day make a huge bonfire to celebrate .The streets were our playing ground , neighbors knew each other. Bye, Bye past…




its always amazing to go home if you are really waited for there and missed.

11:51 AM Nov 21 2014 |




Kotlesya,   although it must be painful to remember, you still has opened up your heart to us telling the dire circumstances  that had forced your mum and bro to flee from a  war-torn city that was their homeland. Very sad indeed.  Thanks Dear friend for sharing. 

11:14 AM Nov 21 2014 |




Well, I used to like to go home I mean to go to my home country and to my home city and of course to the flat where my childhood days were spent. I used to visit my home once or twice per year. 

Yes, I used to… I enjoyed it so much. I met my relatives, friends, parents. I walked at the dear streets refreshing my precious memories, I “greeted” every  tree and building which reminded me that careless life. 

I used to… :-(

War has damaged my home city and it is not going to stop. My dear people forced to run away to other places  to save their lives. 

My father passed away, my mother and brother live in my country, my friends live in other cities escaping from war. Whom can I return to? 

My house is empty if it is still not destroyed completely… 

I wish to all of you peaceful sky above your head. 

10:43 AM Nov 21 2014 |




I agree with Marni. Going home after a while, remember all the good memories, the old friends. It’s something so special being with the people who u spend with them the best days ever :)

09:53 AM Nov 21 2014 |



Russian Federation

I am very sorry about your situation, gomezjo. When I was young and my mother was alive we didn’t understand each other well. I can’t say we had arguing but I felt she wasn’t proud of me.
My mother passed away many years ago. I’ve become older. Now I am not fully agree with my mother’s views also, but I’ve got better understanding her words and feelings.

Now I live far away from a city where I grew up. But every year I go there. I miss my native land like something pulls me back and I count weeks and days before my next journey.

08:26 AM Nov 21 2014 |




I envy you Michele1. I don’t feel any silmilar to you.  Actually, I use visiting my parents and my little sister twice per month, but I do it as a responsability. It´s very notorious that my parents feel my living up wrong and they let me know it every time they have a chance, mostly my mother, so we dicuss about it. It’s really sad because they really hurts me. So I try to ignore them and change our conversations  towards happier memories. 

02:49 AM Nov 21 2014 |

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Since  I am an elderly person, my parents passed away many years ago . In the same building where I was born and grew up, a my brother and a sister are living there now . Even if I live so far from my childhood’s house, I love to return often there, in my parental’s house, because it seems to review an  old movie .It is so exciting for me to spend some day  in my old house. One thing ,in the detail, fills up my heart of joy and a bit of sadness at the same time : to listen to the speech of the people that still use the accent of the native dialect ..I enjoy a lot for that,because when I was only 5-6 years old,the dialect was the only one language we knew talking to my friends…

03:23 PM Nov 20 2014 |

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