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Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

Date: Aug 17 2009

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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Beren recently went on tour to Europe with her band. While she was there, she noticed some differences between the European and American music scenes. She was surprised to discover that some American bands that don’t have a big following in the States are much more popular overseas.

One of those bands is Kings of Leon, a southern rock group from Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is famous for being the home of country music, and Kings of Leon’s sound blends country with rock, blues, and alternative. But country music is as American as apple pie—so why is Kings of Leon more popular abroad than at home? Listen to Marni and Beren talk about the latest American export.


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Beren:  So, I always think it’s interesting when bands are huge in Europe, and, like, in the States they’re not very well known. Like, you know Kings of Leon?

Marni:  Are huge in Europe?

Beren:  They’re huge! They’re selling arena shows, you know, like they’re super famous, and they make tons and tons of money over there.

Marni:  Wow! I saw them once open up for Bob Dylan, and they just kind of struck me as this really generic sort of southern rock band, nothing really dynamic about their sound. They were clearly the opening act.

Beren:  It’s so strange, yeah. Even the cover of European music magazines, it’s always like “Kings of Leon! Kings of Leon!” And I think over here, they just got their first Rolling Stone cover.

Marni:  Now, are they European themselves, or are they an American band?

Beren:  I think they’re from like Tennessee.

Marni:  That’s what I thought, too. OK. So that’s interesting.

Beren:  Well, I think Europeans kind of have an American band fetish anyway, and especially I could see them responding to like, “We’re southern, preacher’s sons!”

Marni:  Yeah.

Beren:  It’s just interesting that they’re like rock stars in Europe and over here they’re relatively unknown/hated.


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Beren is surprised by Kings of Leon’s popularity in Europe. During her European tour, she saw many music magazines with Kings of Leon on the cover. She also learned that the band plays big, sold-out shows there.

In the US, Kings of Leon is fairly popular, but it isn’t as adored as it is in the UK and Europe. Marni saw the band open for Bob Dylan once, but she wasn’t impressed. She thought its sound was generic.

Europeans might like Kings of Leon partly because of its interesting and unusual history. Three of the band members are brothers and the fourth is their cousin. As young boys, the brothers traveled all over the south with their preacher father. Their life story and their sound are both deeply connected to their southern roots.

Entertainment, such as music and movies, is one of America’s biggest exports. Why do you think American bands and movies have such a big audience abroad? What is your country’s most popular export?



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United Arab Emirates

hey . . .  well i'm in love with music . . i like aLot of bands and kings of lean is 1 of them . . specialy this song >> " use someBody " . . . luv the lesson . . =]

09:05 PM Aug 23 2009 |




Since The U.S. is the bigest entertainment country which have the too many type of recreation such as film,music and the other to attract the audiences from world!they not merel have the bands and actor or actress to export abroad and also many countries such as european countries Kroea china and Afrian countries were affected in their own entertainment industry
, I feel the most popular export is less from china~ because we have many room to developing~

10:04 AM Aug 23 2009 |




There are many brazilian artists who left Brazil to be recognized and be successful in other country,I think it is right ;)

01:32 PM Aug 22 2009 |




Hehe it is always like that! Not always our artists are recognized or valued in their own country…Sometimes for an artist be successful he must leave his own homeland…This is boring!

01:28 PM Aug 22 2009 |




I think it's common. A lot of Korean singers chose to expand their market at China. People easily have more interesting in imported music, for local bands, they think it's much easier to get.


China's most popular export might be Jacky Chan? LOL.

05:10 AM Aug 20 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

 nice gramer . i have had great information. and lession was not v good

01:28 AM Aug 20 2009 |



I do think so, there'd be more or less difference among those countries in the world, maybe some band aren't famous in this country, but other countries very appreciate the band's songs, you know we always have different opinion about the same thing. I love the USA moive and song, it's very wonderful and charming, it tell us the real story in society and expresses profound meaning. I like it.

03:24 PM Aug 19 2009 |



I think that american bands and movies have such a big auience abroad, because they have the most powerful economy an they easily can promote all it, an also those movies and songs have good quality, i admire a lot the americans.

The most popular export from my country is the coffee,  Colombia has a lot of crops of coffee and the best of the whole world, for example, Juan Valdez coffee.

05:04 AM Aug 19 2009 |




Rice, wheat and other agricultural products are major exports of my Country whose name is Pakistan.

 As far as the concern of American Music, I really am stranger for it as I have listen hardly 2 or 3 songs in english by heart. Furthermore I can say that America is a country of monstrous eonomy, people there have stronge financial positions. So it is easy for them to cope with such type of activities and to turn them into business. But in countries like Pakistatn people are less educated and financially weak, they can't even think of running a small business so how could they struck with such type of demanding and expensive activities. People In pakistan normally do job to win bread and butter for their childrens. only 15 percent of Pakistani can afford to run their own businesses on a small scale. thats the whole story …... May God Bless All of You 

05:25 PM Aug 18 2009 |


Cocos (Keeling) Islands

holle ,everyone !

04:41 PM Aug 18 2009 |




well , i have though that u always have to try in different places , ways , so on .. to do something , what do i mean ??? if u have not luck in a specific place , go another, etc…

 remember the SUN shine for everybody.

02:43 PM Aug 18 2009 |




It might be because the ideology that we are used to see from them. A long ago, i suppose that started so just not music and movies also brand clothes and stuffs. Like everything that comes from there its really cool, that is the image we have, i think. I believe that here in Brazil, there are some really good soccer players that is a popular export.

12:56 AM Aug 18 2009 |



country music in America is duper famous

07:12 PM Aug 17 2009 |

Cool English Teacher


I like many of the American artists and I think they are so dedicated to what they do. One good example that I have in mind right now is Beyoncé; she can dance amazingly, she sings great and seems to be a very nice person. Definitely a five-star artist ;-)

06:41 PM Aug 17 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

one of the famouse music in the US is country music ,i love this music and 

also love rock and R&b ,

i think not only the english  music is very iteresting but it is the best way to learn English. when i moved 

in USA i listen music alot of time . 

06:04 PM Aug 17 2009 |




I agree with all of you. I like american movies too, I always listen to music in english because it's really interesteng to hear words in other language and understand them. And I admire how they express their emotions in simply words. In my language the same words sound not so nice like in english.

02:52 PM Aug 17 2009 |



american movies just so real ,real scene, real voice…... i like american movies very much.

02:14 PM Aug 17 2009 |



Russian Federation

I think movies entertaiment in US is the biggest in the world. 

01:13 PM Aug 17 2009 |




In my memory,Backstreet boys went to Europe to promote their debut album before being popular in USA.To find someone really loves your music will be better than staying there and anticipating people change their attitude to accept your music.

01:08 PM Aug 17 2009 |




It's not a secret that the United States are the powerful nation…money,weapons.So its easily for the goverment to provide needs of everyone.It's one of the factors of huge exports.Steel,iron ore,crops are the biggest exports of my country 

10:24 AM Aug 17 2009 |

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