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Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne

Date: Oct 19 2009

Themes: Alternative, Fashion

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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The key to doing retro right is putting a modern, personal spin on it. When you wear vintage clothes, you don’t want to look like you’re sporting a costume, right? Similarly, musicians who are obviously influenced by artists from an earlier decade need to find some way of making their music sound original. Otherwise, they might be thought of as dull and unimaginative.

Mayer Hawthorne seems to have found the right blend of old and new. His songs have a lot in common with 50s and 60s soul, but they still sound hip and current. Listen to Devan tell Jason about seeing Mayer Hawthorne perform live.


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Devan:  So, I read that Justin Timberlake was hyping this guy, Mayer Hawthorne, so I checked out his show the other day. Have you heard of him?

Jason:  Yeah, he’s great. I feel like he brings me hope for this generation, that we’re gonna be classier than we have been so far.

Devan:  It was definitely a classy show. His band was…they just looked like a ‘50s professional band. They were all wearing suits, like definitely a throwback to another generation, a different time.

Jason:  Did you feel like he put his own spin on it, or was it just a carbon copy of music from the past?

Devan:  Oh no, it was definitely his own spin, he definitely modernized it. And the songs…you know, he’s very soulful but he definitely puts a modern spin on it to make it the kind of songs you could still hear on the radio today or even, if they remixed one of his songs you could hear it in the club.

Jason:  Wouldn’t it be cool if people just adopted the fashion that goes with that music and started wearing like suits with skinny ties and stuff?

Devan:  Yeah. Well this was the funny thing about the show, too, talk about the mixing of the classic and the modern, was that they were all wearing the black suits but they all had Nike Dunks on.


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Devan recently went to a Mayer Hawthorne show. She loved it and thought it was very classy. The band had a cool throwback look, but they put their own spin on it by wearing Nikes with their suits. Jason thinks it would be great if people dressed like Mayer Hawthorne and his bandmates all the time.

Mayer Hawthorne’s sound is also a mix of old and new. He’s influenced by soul music from the 50s and 60s, but his songs still have modern appeal. Devan thinks it would be fun to dance to remixed versions of Mayer Hawthorne’s songs at a club.

Do you think people used to be more classy than they are today? What kind of clothes do you wear when you want to look classy?



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I'd thought foreignes were more fashionable than our country.

But nowadays people seem to want to be simple style and feel comfortable.

Japanese try to be classy completely rather than oter counrtry,I feel.

Anyway, I think clothes make us happy so I sport what I want to be!

02:45 PM Oct 24 2009 |




yeah,i think people wear more classy in the past,because there were not more choices to sporting wears,but now all youngs wear sporting style,because of they feel comfort themself in such wears, i like to wear cosy dresses and natural sport style, i hate classy ((((

06:12 PM Oct 23 2009 |



I like the way Jason & Devan used the word spin



06:58 AM Oct 22 2009 |



red  suits, i guess

03:31 PM Oct 20 2009 |




i dont think that the people are more classy than are today…they like what arethey like….its all in the artist who made and  sang that song…..i always prefer to comfortable cloths…

12:11 AM Oct 20 2009 |



I don´t know if people were more classic in the past than they are now, I mean, any age or period of time has a unique different style, maybe what is fashion nowadays wont´be in the next year.

10:44 PM Oct 19 2009 |




I really like retro music,maily 60's and I have never heard about that singer…I also like classy clothes,kind suit…But I use it just in formal parties,I really like to be well dressed up :) But today this kind of clothes is not used normally,unless you are a executive or someone who has a job that requires this kind of costume ;)

Normally I'm dressed up in sport clothes,short,shirt and sport shoes…even as my job requires it :)

10:35 PM Oct 19 2009 |



Russian Federation

just found his official video on Youtube. Sounds like smoking marihuana music, but still nice. 

10:09 PM Oct 19 2009 |





09:51 PM Oct 19 2009 |




i like retro style Cool


09:09 PM Oct 19 2009 |



nice some new vocabulary

12:56 PM Oct 19 2009 |



Beside English baby

visit this site to learn english 




12:55 PM Oct 19 2009 |




learn alot thanks

12:46 PM Oct 19 2009 |




fashion is just a cycle and I am just go with the flow") I don't have my own style, I'm just following what's "in" the present that I think looks good on me. As long as I feel comfortable with it, then go! Cool

12:41 PM Oct 19 2009 |




Classy wears give the event and the people allure,nowadays it is used only for wedding parties and funerals.for me i prefere semi formal wears for afternoons,you can feel some change .

10:46 AM Oct 19 2009 |



Viet Nam

Sometimes vintage fashion becomes modern style after long time. In my country, people like to find out and playing old motors and other kinds

07:55 AM Oct 19 2009 |




I think every time there are classy people.not just belong to old times.I dont know how to be looked classy, maybe suit thing,but actually I'm never in some spots where you have got to wear something elegant.However,I think the vintage clothes are sort of good options.

01:23 AM Oct 19 2009 |

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