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Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body

Date: Oct 21 2009

Themes: School

Grammar: Adverbs


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In most horror movies, beautiful girls get chased by crazy serial killers. But in the new film Jennifer’s Body, the tables are turned, and Megan Fox plays a gorgeous high schooler who gets possessed by the devil and starts terrorizing her male classmates.

Megan Fox is best known for being the babe in the Transformers movies. Her beauty and sex appeal have earned her comparisons to Angelina Jolie, but Jason isn’t sure she can really act. Find out why Devan thinks Jennifer’s Body might be the movie to change his mind.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  So Jason, have you joined the cult of Megan Fox?

Jason:  I haven’t yet joined that cult. I don’t know. I don’t feel like she’s necessarily the next Angelina Jolie, etcetera.

Devan:  Do you think what separates her…like do you think she’s as attractive as Angelina Jolie, or is it the acting skills?

Jason:  It’s the acting skills, and I just feel like she hasn’t reached her full potential yet. Like I’m interested in Megan Fox, and I’m really psyched to see Jennifer’s Body. But I think from the clips of it that I’ve seen, it seems like she may be able to mature yet.

Devan:  Yeah. I mean this definitely is a bit of a breakthrough for her because she’s just been in those Transformers action films but this one’s got a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, and she gets to play this stuck up babe who turns out to be a man-eater, you know…

Jason:  Right. Literally.

Devan:  Literally a man-eater. But it’s supposed to be really funny, so maybe we’ll get to see a little bit of the potential in Megan Fox.


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A lot of people love Megan Fox and think she’s the next Angelina Jolie. But Jason doesn’t believe she’s reached her full potential yet. According to Devan, Jennifer’s Body shows off more of her acting skills. The movie is an interesting combination of horror and comedy. It includes lots of tongue-in-cheek humor. Fox’s role in the film is more challenging and complex than anything she’s done before.

In the film, Fox plays a possessed high school student who murders her male classmates and eats their flesh. (Gross!) A beautiful woman who treats men poorly is sometimes called a “man-eater.” But in this movie, Fox’s character actually eats men. She is truly a man-eater!

Do you think Megan Fox has the potential to become a great actress? Have you reached your full potential yet?



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@miss royalito, I wish I could, right now. But sad to say it doesn't hit the theater yet. My place sucks! It's too late. agh!

05:27 AM Oct 23 2009 |

Cool English Teacher


Not a big fan of horror moviesYell

07:28 PM Oct 22 2009 |



definitely no,i'm so far from my full potential,i'm so poor now!

12:45 PM Oct 22 2009 |




I saw Megan Fox in “Dreama queen”,she is beautiful and sexy,but I prefer to Lindsay Lohan.

12:13 PM Oct 22 2009 |




It can't compare someone with more experience with other person with less exprience…Angelina Jolie is the most time on the road than Megan Fox,but the one is pretty talented besides beautiful and sexy as Angelina :)

This is just the second performance of Megan Fox as leading actress,let's see how she goes ;)

11:19 PM Oct 21 2009 |

miss royalito


mickee85 u are stupid yo must see the film LOL

09:27 PM Oct 21 2009 |


Dominican Republic

i think that we have to support her, cause she is a young talent!!!

05:22 PM Oct 21 2009 |


Viet Nam

what do you have to see the movie?


04:04 PM Oct 21 2009 |




beatiful girl, as an actres im not so sure…...

03:49 PM Oct 21 2009 |



frankly speak, I don’t konw who jennifer is. but through the whole text, I have learned that if anybody’s trying to do his best and keeping study, he will ever make progress and never reach his full potential. believe it!

03:19 PM Oct 21 2009 |




I'm not a member of Megan Fox's cult but in fairness she is so pretty and gorgeous. I wish I have her body size LOLLaughing I am absolutely sure all of us are trying to reach our full potential. Just like now, I am trying to be the best that I can be to improve my english.

By the way, I haven't watch this movie yet. I think this is great, I belong to Adam Brody's cultKiss

02:45 PM Oct 21 2009 |



Megan Fox has the potential to become a great actress ?



02:31 PM Oct 21 2009 |




i want to watch the movie Smile

02:25 PM Oct 21 2009 |


Viet Nam

This is such a special actress. 

01:58 PM Oct 21 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

there is a lot of room for improvment for Fox, she can even lead Angelina

12:53 PM Oct 21 2009 |




She is a good actress but I think its too early to make a comparison with other famous stars,,,,I can say strongly that she will have great future with fame and glory…about my potential  I have started developing it) 

12:25 PM Oct 21 2009 |

your adviser

Saudi Arabia

Great movie>>>I have seen yesterday

 "American Virgin"

it's really was very wounderful..comedy and some of it sexy..

12:10 PM Oct 21 2009 |



i think i am going to like Megan  Fox…Coz the jennifer's body is pretty good

12:00 PM Oct 21 2009 |




I am not familiar with Megan Fox, so no comment with her.As for my potential, it is hard to say how far you can go, and it's up to your efforts.

07:46 AM Oct 21 2009 |




As a member of Angelina Jolie's cult for years now, I must say that Megan fox has to showcase her ramarkable acting skill on various movie roles for me to get into thinking of joining her cult.

05:24 AM Oct 21 2009 |

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