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Adverbs are words that modify or describe other words. They can modify verbs, as in, "He speaks softly." Or they can modify adjectives, as in, "This room is quite large." Or they can even modify other adverbs, as in, "He walked very slowly."

You can turn many adjectives into adverbs by adding -ly to the end, as in quietly, quickly, slowly, or gladly. But be careful! This isn't true 100% of the time. For example, this doesn't work for adjectives that already end in -y, such as happy. The adverbial form of happy is happily.

Adverbs can come at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence. You can say, "Quickly, she ran down the street," or, "She ran quickly down the street," or, "She ran down the street quickly." However, you should never put an adverb between a verb and its object. You can say, "I hungrily ate an apple," but not, "I ate hungrily an apple."

Adverbs Grammar Quiz

  1. The kids ran down the street.

  2. She walked down the hallway.

  3. Usain Bolt runs very, very .

  4. Spaghetti tastes delicious.

  5. Miles Davis played the trumpet .

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Russian Federation

  1. The kids ran quick down the street.

  2. She walked slowly down the hallway.

  3. Usain Bolt runs very, very fast.

  4. Spaghetti tastes true delicious.

  5. Miles Davis played the trumpet  moving.

06:01 PM Apr 18 2018 |


United States

really it’s so nice information.

07:35 AM Dec 28 2015 |



United States

I have a hurd time with this.

03:41 PM Apr 21 2015 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

Thank you very much atleast  I am able to differentiate adverbs and adjectives!

01:19 PM Oct 03 2014 |

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Saudi Arabia

Very good i am hoppy new because reed this grammar

05:50 PM Jan 01 2014 |

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It is a good practice for me .I am cafeful not to get a wrong position .

08:04 AM Nov 12 2013 |

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So I am from Brazil, and I’m here Just to try it help you guys. My email on Skype is raphael.brian.br If you guys want to starts and improve your english, I think it’s a good idea this way you gonna help me too.

07:17 PM Oct 22 2013 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


01:22 PM Sep 30 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like adverbs, because I can describe my feeling by them. It is a nice lesson. I didn’t know that I should not put an adverb between a verb and its object. now I know it. In Persian , we can put an adverb between verb and its object.

07:45 PM Sep 26 2013 |



Nice lesson

02:33 PM Sep 08 2013 |