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Date: Nov 23 2009

Themes: Alternative, Music

Grammar: Be Able To


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The Rolling Stones wouldn’t be the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger, just like The Beatles aren’t The Beatles without John Lennon and George Harrison. But what about Sublime without Brad Nowell?

Sublime formed in the late 1980s, and by the early 90s the trio had become famous for its blend of ska, punk, reggae, and hip hop. But in 1996, the band’s lead singer, Brad Nowell, died of a heroin overdose. Although several posthumous albums and a boxed set were released in the following years, few people expected Sublime to continue as a band without its front man.

But earlier this year the two remaining members of Sublime played a reunion show with a new lead singer, 20-year-old Rome Ramirez. Now they’ve announced their plans to play more shows and maybe even record a new album in the near future. Find out what Marni and Jason think about Sublime minus Bradley Nowell.


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Jason:  You know, I was totally surprised to see that Sublime was playing shows again.

Marni:  Yeah, I mean I thought when Brad Nowell died that would be the end of Sublime, but…

Jason:  Yeah, when it’s a trio, and you lose a member who’s the lead singer.

Marni:  Exactly, a very crucial member.

Jason:  It would be like Nirvana playing shows.

Marni:  Right. It would be very awkward.

Jason:  But apparently the shows went over really well.

Marni:  I think Brad had a real trademark style. I mean he had a presence about him. So do you think this new guy sounds just like him? I mean, what is he bringing to the band that made them resurrect?

Jason:  It’s true. And I wonder if they’ll be able to write more music that sounds anything like what they did before.

Marni:  Yeah, I mean they had a very distinct style, and people really liked it. I guess I have to question, is it in good taste? Here’s this band that really was a threesome, they were a tight-knit group, and now the mother, I understand, of Brad Nowell is actually suing the band for using the name without permission because she feels that it was her son’s band.

Jason:  I feel like she’s fairly justified. But I guess the band is saying that it’s sort of a celebration of Brad and his music and his life, and I can see that side too.


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Jason and Marni are both surprised that Sublime is playing shows again without the lead singer, Brad Nowell, who died in 1996. There were only three people in the band and Nowell had a very big role. Jason thinks it’s as strange as if Nirvana reunited without Kurt Cobain.

So far Sublime’s new shows have gone over well. But Marni can’t believe that the new singer, Rome Ramirez, could take the place of Brad Nowell. Jason also wonders if the band will be able to write any new material without Brad. Brad’s family is suing the band because Brad owned the name Sublime, and he didn’t want anyone else to play under that name.

Do you think Sublime should keep playing without Brad Nowell? Is it right for Brad’s family to sue the band? What other bands would you like to see reunite?



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even the new one joins in this band , the soul of the ex front man would always exist .

06:39 AM Apr 21 2010 |




awesome!!! i really like this band ;>....santeria is the one of my favorite song.

07:10 AM Dec 18 2009 |




Why do you offend Sir Paul? He was one of the Beatle's leading fiagures, no less than Jhon Lennon himself.

As for  Sublime, I'd reccommend the memebers of the band to sue Brad Nowell's  family in response for underestimation of other two guys' services.

I'd like to see The Pop band reunited, but it's impossible because the band is actually a fiction. Just yestarday i saw Musics and Lyrics, that's why its name was the first thing that came to my mind. In a word, I'm just kidding.

Happy studies to everyone! The lesson was really good and I hope I made as much use of it as I could.


01:03 PM Nov 26 2009 |




i think they should keep playing also keeping the name's band. i know its complicated for brad's family to see the band without him, though, i think it would be a kind of a honor to him. 

12:23 AM Nov 25 2009 |


Viet Nam

this's the first time i've heard about this band…. Maybe, i'll listen to their songs.

03:50 AM Nov 24 2009 |




I like this band very much! but I don't think it's a good idea! As it was said it's like nirvana without Kurt cobain! I think it's just to make easy money! If the band wants to come back i think they should have at least other name!!

06:17 PM Nov 23 2009 |



i like sublime ! brad`s voice was so sexy!!!my favorite song of sublime is [santeria].i really recomend this song!

05:37 PM Nov 23 2009 |



this kind of music is not my cup of tea…

02:38 PM Nov 23 2009 |



I do not know about Sublime too

02:17 PM Nov 23 2009 |




i've not listened sublime yet !!!

but i'll listen it asap.



02:06 PM Nov 23 2009 |




I don´t remember  this band . I would like ABBA and Electric Light Orchestra ( E.L.O. ) to reunite , for example.

01:42 PM Nov 23 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Sublime…..this is the first time I hear about them..!!! (I will search at the you tube)

12:13 PM Nov 23 2009 |



I don't know the Sublime..

Could you show the music to us?

11:46 AM Nov 23 2009 |




I don't know Sublime either

In my opinion ,the fans will be appriciated the brand for the shows to commemorate.

But if use the name "Sublime" for a new start. I think it is not wise.

I think no one want to someone else to destroy the radiance of Sublime.

05:18 AM Nov 23 2009 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

I have a request. You had better hear us some music. I don't know the Sublime.

Is it famous? Anyway, thank you English Baby. Have a happy day!

02:48 AM Nov 23 2009 |

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