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One Upping

One Upping English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Nov 24 2009

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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When you run into someone you haven’t seen in a little while, you usually want to put your best foot forward. No matter how things are going for you, you want to make it seem like things are going at least fairly well, especially if you have a bit of a rivalry with that person.

This week on the Ebaby! soap opera, Mason is just doing his job, cleaning the office of Devan’s company, when he runs into Marni in the hall. What is she doing at their office? Marni was so mad after Devan decided not to hire her that she went ahead and started a very similar company that also helps exchange students find dates. Whatever Marni’s reason for being there, Mason had better not let on that Devan is freaking out about how much better Marni’s company is doing than hers.

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Mason:  Whoa!

Marni:  Oh. Hi.

Mason:  Uh, Marni.

Marni:  Hi Mason. How are you?

Mason:  I’m good. What are you doing here?

Marni:  Uh, I actually had to lease some space in this building. My company is going gangbusters so we had to get more space.

Mason:  Really?

Marni:  Yeah. How are you guys doin’? How’s the Dream Date?

Mason:  Uh, oh…It’s date-tastic. I mean, you know, things are poppin’, crackalackin, sky’s the limit, glass ceiling is being pushed, actualization is occurring. It’s great. Everything’s awesome.

Marni:  Good to hear stuff’s…Good for you. Awesome.

Mason:  Yeah, yeah. What kind of visitor-ship do you have? Like, one thousand members or so?

Marni:  We are, like, about to exceed a million.

Mason:  Yeah.

Marni:  And we keep gaining more members. I think our average is like two thousand new members a day.

Mason:  Right. We’re at least one more than whatever it is that you have.

Marni:  Oh, wow!

Mason:  I just know that.

Marni:  Yeah. And you know what the crazy thing is? I actually…I don’t mean to brag, but…I actually was just given another award. We’ve won, like, several awards for how, you know, our website is just connecting people around the world and it’s actually bringing around people of all different nationalities.

Mason:  That’s interesting. Interesting. Yeah.

Marni:  And, you know, I’m kind of hoping to kind of bring about world peace, but that’s a lofty goal so…

Mason:  Yeah. Huh. Well.

Marni:  Yeah.

Mason:  I mean, you know, you can’t get a Nobel this year so…

Marni:  Not this year, but…

Mason:  Sorry about that. Well, that’s awesome. Good for you, you know. I’m glad you’re not too depressed that we’re constantly kicking your butt at what you do.

Marni:  Well…

Mason:  Anyway.

Marni:  I don’t know that you’re kickin’ my butt, but…

Mason:  I’m just, you know…Hey. It’s cool. There’s no reason to be jealous. Let’s just leave friends.

Marni:  Absolutely.

Mason:  Friends.

Marni:  Friends.

Mason:  Mm-hm. I’ve got some stuff to clean this way.

Marni:  OK. You get back to that. Good to see you.


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It turns out that Marni is in Devan and Mason’s office building because her company is doing so well she had to lease more space…and she happened to lease some there. Her international dating website is really popular and is even winning some awards.

Devan’s company, which Mason works for, is not doing as well. So he makes up words like “date-tastic” as he struggles to lie to Marni and tell her the company is doing well.

Marni and Mason continue one upping each other. Eventually, Mason tells Marni that his company is “kicking her butt,” which means winning by a lot, and that’s just taking it a little too far. Marni repeats that she’s doing just fine and she and Mason agree that they are still friends.

Have you ever run into someone and had to pretend like you were doing a little better than you really were? Do you think Marni will be able to keep her friends even though they all work for Devan’s company?



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I think most of us face this kind of  situation like this just one upping each other ,we sometimes hide sth bad from other person to make ourselves feel better ,but that justt is the way that you are trying to build up a kind of self-esteem in your heart .

09:34 AM Sep 27 2014 |


Russian Federation

I have one friend who always run into someone and pretend like she is doing better than she really are….its a litlle funy picture cause I know the truth 

02:59 PM Oct 05 2011 |


South Korea

I don't think I've ever braged about myself to someone who's one up on me :P 

Yet, I definitely understand how Mason feel, because obviously, I HAVE been so jealous of someone who's superior to me.


07:32 AM Sep 24 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

  • Hello to all …
    I advise everyone to seek knowledge and collect information useful whatever the age
    Also must know the cultures of the world and thus a culture of the person
    Greetings to all my brothers and sisters, members of the site

07:04 PM Feb 10 2010 |




10:27 AM Dec 25 2009 |




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10:27 AM Dec 25 2009 |




come  here more 

10:26 AM Dec 25 2009 |




Humm I don't do that…It is called lie! Lying to everyone about you being better than pretende to be is a big bullshit…Lies are always discovereds! So after,how will you be in front of your friends?

In front that,friendship is always a little shaken!

07:27 PM Dec 03 2009 |



No, I haven't run into someone and had to pretend like I am doing something well which actullay I didn't. Lying is a trouble. When you lied once, and then you would have to lie again to cover the privous one. This situation seems like to go on and on, and never be stopped. So, just telling the truth. or try to change the subject if unfortunately one day you're in this situation like that, which your friends or rivals keep asking questions you wouldn't like to answer.

02:52 AM Dec 01 2009 |



this was a nice video, i have just joined english baby and found this video really good lesson for beginners like me.

06:00 PM Nov 27 2009 |




There is nothing more valuable in this world than peace of mind. As you grow up you start to understand that people's opinion doesn't actually matter. What's the point to tell lies and brag about something you didn't achieve, if you know that in fact you are a loser, but not a winner. There are better ways to raise your self-esteem. I recommend that you tried to do something significant and really important. If you gain your goal,you won't notice others' remarks, or at least they won't be important to you.

'Respect yourself, don't be blind', your countryman sings. I think he's got the point.

08:24 AM Nov 27 2009 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

With my respect I think you jump to conclusion when you underestimate others opinion. Instead you can express your viewpoint without being so rude .the other thing bragging is the weak ppl deception I don’t wanna say like you as you said in your reply, but anyway I advice you to face facts instead of showing your foolish by bragging. Ppl are not so stupid as you think to believe everything they heard but sometimes pretend so. Either They don’t want to Embarrass others or they hate clashing ( wanna live in peace) like me .Hence leaders inspired by their weakness points and turn them to strength

07:36 AM Nov 27 2009 |



omg you guys are so childish! in which world are you actually living? on the earth? we brag couse we can't show our weaknesses! If u always say the truth somewone can abuse it and you are getting vulnerabe! People grow up! 

06:51 PM Nov 26 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

sometimes ppl doing such things turning into bragging on each other to show how good they are . even things are going worse with them. i don't know why lying while things won't go better if we lie. i think we should accept the truth in athletic spirit even we are beaten.

06:33 AM Nov 25 2009 |



I think is better to say the true about your self or that you have really got. never know when people get the true about you and then you are seen like a lyer.

01:28 AM Nov 25 2009 |




it will be complicated to keep theirs friendships, since they are rivalrys companys now, i hope they value theirs true friendship, after all its what really matters.

12:38 AM Nov 25 2009 |



El Salvador

what a stupid thing to brag!!! I´ve never brag to someone i think is better show what u really are and what you´ve really got, and people is gonna Love you always ;))

12:38 AM Nov 25 2009 |




there are a ton of people who are brags,, wherever , sometimes they are telling the true but sometimes they are lying , but in my opinion they are fools.


11:18 PM Nov 24 2009 |



I don't like to brag, only I say the true. Normally those kind of people don't like losing, she should use her conversation in a sense friendly, no like Mason was her rivarl.

10:18 PM Nov 24 2009 |




i haven't runned into someone against whom i feel lower grade.and i definitely don't have to prove any of my friends that i am doing better..maybe i am doing better at present but we cannot know what will happen in the future and whether we deteriorate into worse situation or not.

and about bragging…you only fool yourself,not anyone else,right?

08:04 PM Nov 24 2009 |

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