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Giving to Charity

Giving to Charity

Date: Jan 19 2010

Themes: Holidays

Grammar: Second Conditional Progressive


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Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can do a lot of good. Thousands of charities and non-profits exist around the world, where you can donate part of your income to a good cause. There are charities that help save children, whales, or trees; charities that support the arts, the schools, or the environment; and even one charity that allows you to buy a water buffalo, llama, goat, or pig for a village in need.

Of course, not everyone can afford to donate to charity. And some people doubt that giving money to a big organization is really the best way to help out. Listen to Marni and Ella talk about what they do to help solve the world’s problems.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Ella, are you someone who donates to charity?

Ella:  I wouldn’t say I donate money because I’m a broke college student, sort of. But I do like to donate my time.

Marni:  Well right. There is sort of that sweat equity.

Ella:  A lot of people see charity and think money automatically, and I was just like, “I can’t do that.” I have to think of something else to do instead.

Marni:  Right, but I think that that’s great that you’re willing to say, “Hey, I don’t have a lot of money, but I can give my time.” I think that time is just as valuable in many cases. There’s certainly lots of things you could give money to. I try to donate a little bit of my income here and there, especially around the holiday season, there’s always tons of food drives and places to donate to locally, different charities and things.

Ella:  For me money is hard to give because you don’t see how it directly affects someone, but when you give away food or clothes you know what that purpose is directly, the cause and effect. But with money it’s like “Who’s in charge, what are they doing with this?” So I always feel uncomfortable giving money, unless, you know…When I see a homeless person and they’re asking for money, I’d rather give him a bag of chips or some water, because I feel better about that ‘cause I know what I did.

Marni:  I think that’s actually a really good idea because then you know exactly…if they’re asking for money for food, you’re giving them food. I think that’s a valid argument. I don’t know, I’ve been trying to give away more, or donate more money if I can. There’s certain organizations I feel passionately about. And, boy, it’s like…I just feel like if I were wealthier, I’d be giving a lot more. This year, I’m not able to give that much. I think I’ll try to donate my time, take your lead.


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Ella and Marni both think it’s important to give back, but they have different ways of doing it. Ella can’t afford to donate money to charity, so she donates her time instead. There are different ways of donating your time, like serving meals to the homeless or helping to build new houses for the poor. For Ella, this is the best way to help out because it has the most direct effect on people.

Marni agrees that it’s important to donate your time, but she also tries to give some of her income to charity. There are some charities that she believes in strongly and wants to support. Sometimes large organizations are capable of doing more with your money than you could do yourself.

Do you donate money to charity? What do you think is the best way to help the world, with time or money?



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I’m proud that I used to imburse a poor kid somewhere far from where I live by charity,it’s good to help people in need,just try my best to make the world happier everyday.Although the world is full of poor and unfair,every move we did is still useful,and when I look back,there’s no pity.

12:41 PM Jan 21 2013 |




I used to contribute to some charities but had to stop since their policy is to spread news that you’re the one who donates and the other charitable organizations start calling you. Plus, it’s really interesting where the money go. We’ve had some bad news about those phony charitable organizations and how the money went into CEO’s pockets. I would go with giving the money or food to homeless people, knowing that the money would go to a good cause.  

Or just to give donations to Salvation Army


09:06 PM Jan 01 2012 |

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Saudi Arabia

all of it time and money make a diffrent and solve the things


06:35 PM Aug 26 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I usually donate with money  by giving it to people on streets or when I see a woman asking for it especially when she is old because I do feel sympathy with old people because they are not able to do something to earn money. From time to time I donate with money , food and clothes but I've never donated with time Cry . I don't donate to charitable organizations with my money but i do donate with clothes. I prefer to give money by my own because when I do so I feel that i have really done something Smile.

May all needy people get their needs , may hunger , poverty and vagrancy be erased and vanished,,, 

12:11 AM Jul 25 2010 |


American Samoa

i've donate money to charity when i was ten. That's my school force us to donate .

For me, I think that if u are a busy guy ,u'd better donate money to the chairy .Because u're busy with work ,u dont have any spare time to take care with this .

Besides, If u are a housewife, I think  you should donate ur time helping people like visiting the homeless or orphan etc.

07:26 AM May 31 2010 |




Humm I haven't to donate money to "charity"...Here in Brazil there are many people on thge street asking money and many people help them…In part I don't agree with it,because if that people are "strong" to ask money in the street,they are able to do something to themselves,right? kind working! Here there are many women using chidren to ask money at the traffic lights,it is sad!

So I agree with Ella to donate the time to a good cause,sure you will feel better after that ;)

07:08 PM Feb 02 2010 |




the donation to the charities organization is very good way to help poor people and make them happy,i think help poor people directly is limiting way to eradicate poverty.first of all we must ensure that these organization dont trick people,have good reputation and dont have any impurities in contrast of that limiting help is better than nothing.

03:45 PM Jan 25 2010 |

your adviser

Saudi Arabia

Yeah the donation

Actually about me I am always donate for the charities

to make the poor people feel by happiness and even have something just to eat .

Do something good god will give you a good life .Laughing

05:24 AM Jan 24 2010 |




I don't donate money to charities, but I do donate money to people in need whom I know and if I am sure that they really need help. I don't trust non-profit organizations, I think they just try to gain some reputation and work on their leaders instead of help people in need. According to this idea it's always better to donate time and efforts, but money.

It's sad but you can trust people. Some of them want to use you, some of them want to abuse you. Things don't change.

08:43 PM Jan 23 2010 |




I think to help poor people is the greatest job anyone can do. So it's my dream and I hope I'll have possibility in the future do this. I'm so pity about homeless children and people who has no simply condition and have nothing to eat for their dinner and the same time there are so many people who has so many money  that they don't know where to spend.

So people be kind and give charity!

10:04 AM Jan 23 2010 |




I will not trust in big organizations because they may misuse the money,but also i will help by giving a money in school and colleges,but many times i will find the people who wants help and i will give money,even i'm in trouble also i will help them cos i can't see them on roads….in most of the countries poor people can't be found 

10:07 PM Jan 22 2010 |



as i am a muslim we must donate to poor people and really when we give money to the poor people i feel in happiness to help others

02:54 PM Jan 22 2010 |




The intention to give money to charity is great. Not knowing where they spend the money is not an argument to avoid the donation. When all people got the same view like "rebel lee", then all of the poor needy people would be bitterly disappointed. 


10:37 PM Jan 21 2010 |



I give money to charity but only to those trusted charities around the world. In time like this, there are a lot of people doing nasty things when they see a large amount of money. They are tempted. Instead of spending it to buy food for hungry people, sometimes the money will go on their own pocket. One good example of helping the world is the things we are seeing now in Haiti. People in the US and people from other country gathered together to help support the victims of the strong earthquake in Haiti. They are not only giving their time but also they are giving food and water which are really badly needed. Money and time work hand in hand, but it is on how they are going to use it matters most..

04:47 PM Jan 21 2010 |

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rebel lee

rebel lee


I donate money to charity,but I don’t think its the best way to help.Because sometimes you don’t know where they spend the money.
Although money can do much more different good things to the world,giving time makes me feel much more comfortble.Because you know who you are helping and helping people face to face is nicer than just giving money.

12:44 PM Jan 21 2010 |




Giving a small amount of money can change someone's life. There's a lot of people out there who are in need, especially the children. I feel so sad when I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, there were thousands of people who died and burried. Thanks to some charitable organizations and those people who donated to helped them. It's always so nice to feel when you are sharing what you have to others who are in need. Donating something, is not just giving a money but putting a smile in someone's face and making their wishes come true.

11:29 AM Jan 21 2010 |




I think it´s always a good idea, charity.

or giving money or your time . anything that helps to make a better reality…


07:49 PM Jan 20 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

One of my dream is donate to the poor people. There are alot of people who are homeless, poor, dont have parents, dont have clothes. and we have all of these. I feel sorrow for them. I learned to see and hear about The Misfortunes of the people and say " thanks god for every thing". i'm learned to say thanks Allah for Health & Wellness because there are alot of people who are not healthy and they want some help. I hope to get job very soon to donate money for charity.

10:09 AM Jan 20 2010 |




Money is important to mankind. I would be donate as many as i could. 

03:32 AM Jan 20 2010 |



United States

Yes, I donated money to  charity. 

I think both ways are good But for me giving money is better because This charity have many conctacts for buying  food, medicine or something for less money.

10:19 PM Jan 19 2010 |

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